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It is all well and good running an excellent search engine optimisation campaign, but if you are not able to track progress against your business goals and targets, it is completely pointless. With every campaign, HQ SEO guarantee a minimum 10X return on investment. That is why we have developed our bespoke analytics reporting. Throughout our campaign we constantly track progress to safeguard your initial investment and to guarantee the maximum return on your investment.


Building trust and a close working relationship with our clients is our highest priority. We know that many other mainstream digital marketing companies often miss this mark. Our personal approach to your campaign, combined with our data driven results enables you and your business to succeed.


It is no longer acceptable to guess yourself through any digital marketing strategy, especially with SEO. That is why we have established a granular, data driven strategy that reacts to real-time trends and results. Gone are the days where you only rely on page views and likes. Whilst overall brand awareness and exposure are still important, there is now an emphasis on valued metrics. Today we are able to demonstrate where every penny or dollar is spent.


Business Performance Measurements

So, what do we measure? As we outlined above, being able to measure whether the success of our campaign is meeting your business goals is extremely important. That is where your business comes in! Are you an ecommerce store that relies heavily on customers signing up to your mailing list? Do you specialise in B2B and generate leads through one-to-one phone calls? Business models change and so do our campaigns.


The mistake we see a lot of businesses make is choosing key performance indicators (KPIs) that do not reflect their business goals, or do not translate to their online presence. As a result, this makes it harder to track success or even find tangible metrics to improve.


We know it can be confusing! With the growth of digital business presence and accompanying marketing advice, you can quickly become swamped by the latest metrics and KPIs. However, we have a simple answer. Choose the metrics you and your business identify with the most.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Targets

A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a method of measuring business performance against long-term and/or short-term goals. These are not only useful for your own business progression, but also forms an important role in our search engine optimisation campaigns.


To track the progress of our campaigns, we rely on KPI targets. We use client specific business objectives to measure performance. These objectives vary from business to business and can cover everything from inbound calls to product sales. Consequently, KPI targets are critical to determining aspects of our campaign. From international to local businesses, all KPI targets must be actionable.


Setting actionable KPI targets that are tangible and specific to your business affects the way we develop our SEO campaign. During every stage of our campaign, from on page to link building, we ensure your business objectives are met. Thus, ensuring a high return on investments.


Maximum Return On Investment (ROI)

Once the KPI targets have been set, we shape our campaign to provide maximum return on investment (ROI). One of the most important metrics for measuring the success of a marketing campaign, we understand the importance of reaching targets. At HQ SEO we promise to achieve 10 times ROI during the first year of our campaign. With years of experience working with a range of businesses, we tailor our campaigns to ensure we you receive maximum ROI.


SEO is a longer term marketing strategy, but once implemented, you are guaranteed to see your business grow exponentially. Our unique approach with every client ensures that our entire SEO strategy reflects your business’ goals and relates target market. Once we have identified what is working well, we simply repeat and grow your business to 10 times.


Analytical Tools

At HQ SEO we have built a custom Google data studio reporting template to help our clients analyse where the best converting traffic originates. Throughout the campaign we also use a variety of analytical tools to track progress against your KPIs. Using this data, we then build out specific tailored campaigns to your business targets and niche. This ensures that each decision and strategy we implement are hyper-relevant.


As mentioned above, building a close working relationship and trust with our clients is our main priority. That is reflected through our use of analytical tools and reports. Consequently, clients receive monthly analytics reports as one of the methods of measuring business performance. These show increase in organic search visibility, clicks, traffic and behaviour of a website. During the first week of a campaign, clients will also receive a custom report analysing each performance metric and showing the current stage of the website across all traffic channels, although the primary focus is organic traffic.


We use three main industry standard analytical tools to measure the progress of our campaigns. Google analytics, Google search console and Ahrefs. Read below for a brief outline of the tool and how we use it.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a crucial tool that forms the backbone of our analytics reporting. Measuring every possible tangible online metric from organic traffic volumes to landing page behaviours. It is no wonder we rely so heavily on this vital analytical tool.


Google Search Console

Another analytical tool in the Google arsenal is Search Console. In addition to the in-depth search analytics data, it also contains important technical features for your website. These include sitemaps, robots.txt testing and crawl errors. This is why it plays an important role in our technical SEO audit.



For any reputable SEO agency, Ahrefs is the leading tool. This powerful SEO tool is used extensive throughout our campaigns and forms the basis of our analytics report. It also allows us to analyse your competition and create an impressive content strategy.


The Analytics Report

The data included inside HQ SEO’s analytical reporting shows the increase in organic traffic through both Google Analytics and Search Console. This data is then used to structure the future campaign path based on new keywords that may have been indexed and new link opportunities that will come up as a result. This document is also a very easy way to track the return on investment from the campaign for clients.


Advanced analytics Report template
A screenshot from our advanced analytics template.

By following this granular approach to data analysis and analytical reporting, we ensure that all campaigns are backed up by clear statistical evidence. That way, we can protect your investment and guarantee our pledge of a 10 times return on investment. If you have any further questions about our analytics reporting or would like to request a free proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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