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Advanced Analytics Reporting

At HQ SEO we’ve built a Google data studio custom reporting template we use to help clients analyse where the best converting traffic is coming from. Using this information, we then build out specific tailored campaigns based on this data.

Clients receive monthly analytics reports which show increase in organic visibility, clicks, traffic and behaviour of a specific website. During the first week of a campaign clients will also receive a custom report analysing each metric and showing the current stage of the website across all traffic channels, although the primary focus is organic traffic.

The Analytics Report

The data included inside HQ SEO’s analytical reporting shows the increase in organic traffic through both Google Analytics and Search Console. This data is then used to structure the future campaign based on new keywords that may have been indexed and new link opportunities that will come up as a result. This document is also a very easy way to track the return on investment from the campaign for clients.

Advanced analytics Report template
A screenshot from our advanced analytics template.

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