B2C Internet Marketing Strategy

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Business to consumer digital marketing techniques are geared around content creation going viral. As with all SEO, the key technical elements must be in place from day 1, once this is integrate the sole goal of the marketing is to create high quality, valuable content that promotes the products or services being sold.

We’ve found the most effective way to do this is to attempt to create virality marketing pieces. The ease of this is usually dependent on the style of product, as B2C is such a wide bracket of campaign type all campaigns are built from scratch and bespoke to the client.

Link building for Business to consumer companies is very different to B2B. Our strategies revolve a lot more around influencer marketing & product review style link building. We’ve found these not only build great links that massively increase organic rankings, but they also attract a wave of customers with them as well, which equals a win-win from a digital marketing point of view.

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