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A relatively new addition to HQ SEO’s marketing arsenal. Software as a service companies are becoming extremely popular and profitable for business owners worldwide. Both creators and uses of SAAS business know the benefits they provide, helping businesses operate more efficiently and automate a number of processes. Even here at HQ SEO we have SAAS subscriptions to over 20 tools and software suites that help us streamline our business in the most effective way.

SAAS digital marketing changes slightly from your usual B2B SEO Campaigns. SAAS is more focused on content marketing and pre-selling customers inside content pieces without coming across promotional. In 2017 we dived into reverse engineering some of the most profitable SAAS companies of the year and how they built their websites, created their content, built links and overall grew into 7 and 8 figure SAAS powerhouses.

From this data we started we noticed that there was more focus on content marketing and ranking for keyword in the middle of the customer funnel than there was for higher end keywords. This was an interesting development and something I personally did not expect coming from a very business to business background.

It all starts with technical SEO

As with any successful SEO campaign it all starts with getting technical right. With every single campaign we’ve ever done after technical SEO has been implemented there has been an increase in organic traffic. This shows the importance of getting the technical optimisation elements right.

Once technical SEO is in place and the individual core services page of the website have been created and fully optimised it’s time to move onto the content marketing and link building explosion.

Content Marketing + Link Building = SAAS Success

SAAS companies are notorious for making great products and not translating the individual specific value to the end user. We’ve worked with close to a dozen saas clients, all of which have great products, but many of which don’t fully realise the potential and target market of the tools.

Content auditing & topic generation is stage 1 for SAAS digital marketing. This is a process that involves using content already created on the site or reverse engineering competitors doing well in the search results. We mix this competitor analysis technique with our case studies of what we’ve found works well for saas based internet marketing and build a “content calendar” – This content calendar is our platform.

Each month (or bi-monthly for larger clients) we build incredible pieces of content that provide immerse amount of value to the target audience and pre-sell the software inside them. This piece is then distributed and added to our link building strategies.

The link building strategies change depending on the niche, style and quality of the content but the core piece is generating powerful links that will get traffic as well as the increased organic ranking benefit. This as a result builds a lot of trust in Google and the website is “rewarded” with increased organic visibility.

We are currently running an ongoing case study with KeyworX an Amazon software provider, the details of which you can see here.

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