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Content marketing is the broad term associated very closely with SEO although the strategies are slightly different. Content at it’s core is trying to educate an individual product on a specific topic, whereas the sole focus of SEO is to rank your website higher. When combined content marketing and SEO essentially become one and the same, which is why we recommend every client that comes to HQ SEO to build a content marketing campaign alongside their technical SEO. This is one of the reasons we’ve managed to rank thousands of webpages because we merge perfect technical SEO, smart content marketing and inventive link building.

Content in itself is not a valuable asset to a business if it does not reach any of your potential prospects. This is one of the reasons our content marketing approaches are very heavily focused “post content creation”. Once a piece goes live that is only half (if not less) of the campaign. The next stage is to build links and generate attention to this specific piece. We do this using a number of link building techniques, all of which have been developed inside Google’s terms of service and with two goals; first to drive traffic through that link and secondly to increase organic ranking through the additional trust built to the clients site as a result.

As mentioned content marketing is simply one of a three pronged digital marketing strategy we use at HQ SEO. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, please request a proposal.

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