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Content marketing is a broad term that is associated very closely with SEO. Ensuring your content strategy is appropriate for your business niche is vital for improving search engine rankings. With companies increasingly investing more money into content marketing, it is quickly becoming a stable in any digital marketing campaign.


What Is Content Marketing?

If you have reached this page, you probably understand the importance of content marketing. It is all about enticing, entertaining and engaging potential customers with great content. This enables you to build brand awareness and capture new leads and customer data that can be used to develop marketing strategies later in the campaign.


How Content Marketing Works - Our Content Marketing Process - HQ SEO


Content at its core is trying to educate an individual product on a specific topic, whereas the sole focus of SEO is to rank your website higher. When combined, content marketing and SEO essentially become one. This is why we recommend every client that comes to us builds a content marketing campaign alongside their technical SEO.

This is one of the reasons we have managed to rank thousands of webpages because we merge perfect technical SEO, smart content marketing and inventive link building.


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Content Marketing Matrix

Content shouldn’t be boring.

As mentioned above, content marketing is meant to engage and inspire potential customers. If your content is generic, low quality and boring, you are going to struggle converting visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. Tailoring and developing content that is appropriate for customers in your niche is the secret to making content marketing work.

If you’re running a supplement business, you need to have high-quality scientific articles on your website to promote the health benefits of your products – with a few guides and non-sales tutorials to boot.

On the other hand, if you’re running an e-commerce business for alternative clothing, it would make sense to create interactive content pieces such as quizzes and challenges to give your users personal recommendations.

The point is – when done right, content has all the power to make launch your business right to the top.


Content Strategy

At HQ SEO we have years of experience developing bespoke content strategies that help streamline the customer journey and help grow your organic traffic. Firstly, we assess the existing content on your website through our extensive content audit. We follow this up by creating new and unique content topic ideas that will boost organic search traffic.

From a large B2C ecommerce store to a small B2B service business, a coherent content strategy is the secret to online growth. When we say that great content is engaging, we imply a simple outcome – shareability. Shareable content is an linkable asset – a must-have for every link building and outreach campaign.



Once we have developed an effective strategy and created great content, it is time move onto outreach. Our link building team will start contacting link prospects through a variety of channels, aiming to get high quality backlinks to our cultivated content pieces.

Content in itself is not a valuable asset to a business if it does not reach any of your potential customers. This is one of the reasons our content marketing approaches are very heavily focused on “post content creation”. Once a piece goes live that is only half, if not less, of the campaign. The next stage is to build links and generate attention to these pieces. We do this using a number of link building techniques. All of these have been developed inside Google’s terms of service. We have two goals, firstly to drive traffic through that link, and secondly to increase organic rankings through the additional trust built to the client’s site as a result.


Leverage the Power of Great Content

Content marketing is a comprehensive tool that improves the online presence of your business in a wholesome, comprehensive way.


Failing to create, deliver and amplify high-quality content on a regular basis is the most common content marketing bottleneck. At HQ SEO, our systematic approach to content marketing solves this problem – and many others – to keep your campaigns productive, responsive and focussed. 


Content marketing is simply one aspect of the three-pronged digital marketing strategy we use at HQ SEO. If you would like to learn more about our approach, please request a proposal by filling in the form below. You can also get in touch with us to let us know of your requirements.



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