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Even though we – at HQ SEO – have grown to become one of the leading digital marketing and SEO agencies, developing home-grown, universally applicable, white-hat link building techniques is how we first made our name.

Link building is one of the most important aspects of making SEO work. We work closely with our sister company, a top ranked link building agency in the UK, to make every link building campaign we take on a success.


Who Is This For?

Our advanced, in-depth link building services are designed to benefit every business website.

Ask yourself a simple question – will your business benefit from a steady, healthy rise in organic traffic?

If the answer is ‘yes’, link building is for you!


High-Quality Links from Trusted Sources in Your Business Sector.

Backlinks Formatted for the Best Results. Keyword-rich Anchor Texts & Proper Dofollow Tags Included.

No Paid Links. No Funny Stuff. Just Good Old Networking, Manual Outreach & White Hat Link Building Techniques We've Perfected Over the Years.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Link Building. Receive Precious Backlinks from High-Authority Domains (50+ DA/DR)


Link Profile Is a Massively Important Ranking Factor.

Don't Lose Out On Organic Traffic Full Of Your Potential Customers. Let Google Know Your Website Matters.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of using diverse white-hat techniques to have multiple domains link back to pages on your website.


It’s very easy to fall prey to agencies that promise quick results through dubious link building packages and techniques. The fact is – once Google recognises your domain as a source of spam, there’s no turning back.


The only viable and profitable way to build link profiles is to use manual link building techniques with other white-hat techniques. This is where HQ SEO’s link building services come to the fore.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are dofollow links that direct search engine bots to your website from other domains. Think of this as a recommendation from a trusted friend. If you have multiple backlinks from high authority domains, Google knows that your website is valuable. This has two direct impacts – improved domain rating and consistently better SERP rankings for relevant searches.

The positive effects of dofollow backlinks are nearly permanent. In other words, building backlinks the right way has a significant upside to it.


Our Process and The Link Building Tools We Use


Our Link Building Process - Link Building Agency Cardiff - HQ SEO


HQ SEO offers comprehensive link building services that are customised for business websites. Every campaign starts with an intensive link audit of your website. This is done using a bespoke combination of state-of-the-art analytical tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, SEMRush and Linkody. This gives us an insight into the health of existing link profile, and tells us how we should design the campaign.

To achieve demonstrable results, we follow a multi-pronged process. This process consists of dozens of elements that are tweaked according to the requirements of your website. Some of these are:


Guest Posting

We find and secure guest posting opportunities on relevant, high-authority websites in your industry. This is, by far, the most organic way of building a credible link profile.


Resource Pages

Resources pages are the digital equivalents of directories. Featuring your website on such pages is a good way of generating backlinks while also boosting referral traffic.


Digital PR

We work with leading media houses and websites to negotiate the terms of digital PR for you. Getting backlinks from online media websites is a great way of quickly boosting the domain rating.


Content Distribution

We amplify the delivery of your content assets on authority websites and social media to complement other link building techniques.


There’s More!

Viral launch techniques, editorial linking, local link building, roundup links and many more – the list just goes on. Every link building campaign we run uses a tailor-made combination of all these elements, optimised for the best results.


Build a Link Profile That Keeps Generating Returns For Years!

The best part about investing in link building is that it keeps making you money for years to come.


A well-formatted dofollow backlink from a digital news outlet like The HuffPost, or a timely PR hit on a widely followed website in your industry can add years’ worth of SEO goodwill to your website and domain.


You know your services are great. We know your website is valuable. Now it’s time to let Google know, as well. Get in touch with us today to know more about how our link building services can help you unlock more organic traffic. You can also request a free proposal using the form below.


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