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Digital PR is another term for digital marketing, but the term is loosely associated with the media in which your website or business gains attention. Traffic that comes from Google is determined as organic traffic, traffic from Facebook or Twitter is social and traffic that comes from media websites such as news or online publications is usually associated with digital PR.

We build our entire backlink generation and content marketing campaigns with digital PR in mind. Media websites are some of the most powerful and trusted websites online, this means that if we can generate links to our clients website from these locations we get 3 very positive results, we usually achieve this through a smart guest posting strategy. The first is traffic through the link itself, the second is an increase in the organic rankings and trust associated with that link and finally we get the added brand benefit of being “featured on” these major news or industrial relevant publications.

PR in its oldest form is a very outdated and low ROI based marketing strategy, when the same concepts are modernised and brought into the digital realm they are incredibly effective and one of the highest return on investment marketing strategies companies can invest in. All campaigns are built based on a digital PR framework but the individual processes are usually called something more specific, e.g. guest posting or content distribution.

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