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Once you start looking out for marketing opportunities to grow your business, you’re bound to have to deal with public relations. There was a time – not too long ago – when businesses didn’t really have to worry about cultivating public relations before they reached a certain size and stature. This isn’t the cases anymore. Every business needs PR – especially digital PR.


HQ SEO was one of the first digital marketing agencies to bring digital PR into the realm of goal-driven, objective-fuelled and result-oriented campaigns. We believed in the symbiotic relationship between marketing and PR, and that was how our bespoke digital PR services came to be.


Digital PR is a thing full of potential and power. And, in the right hands, it can provide some of the highest marketing ROIs you can think of.


What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is, very loosely, the internet cousin of traditional PR, albeit with a broader scope, more opportunities and virtually unlimited scalability.

The most common example of digital PR is an online press release. Most businesses have to send out online press releases to announce important news, developments and promotions. Other examples include sponsored articles, videos, news blogs and online magazine hits.


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Why You Should Care About Digital PR

Digital PR brings on board quite a few improvements over traditional PR. The best part is – a business of any size can afford to launch digital PR campaigns from the ground up.


Digital PR Benefits - HQ SEO


There are four major benefits associated with online PR:


Authority Backlinks

News websites and online media houses are some of the most authority websites you’ll ever come across. A big part of general SEO campaigns is to boost the link profile – and digital PR does it for you.

Backlinks are necessary to up the domain rating – a measure of trust Google has in your website. This further pushes your website up the SERPs, driving more organic traffic that you can try to turn into leads and sales.


Referral Traffic

Digital PR puts your brand and website in front of a large group of people who are very likely to be interested in doing business with you. Referral traffic consists of all the visitors who arrive at your website via links hosted on other domains.

More importantly, referral traffic is 400% more likely to convert than organic traffic.


Brand Awareness

There are thousands of businesses trying to reach the exact set of people you’re after. If these people don’t know about you, you’re losing out on sales without even realising it.

Raising brand awareness is a good counter-measure to this problem. Digital PR is one of the most cost-efficient ways of launching scalable brand awareness campaigns.


Trust & Social Proof

Getting featured on authority websites lends a certain air of credibility to your business. More credibility means more leads, more sales and a healthier bottom line!


Our Digital PR Strategy

A digital PR strategy or a digital PR plan is the blueprint for your PR campaigns to follow. Without a strategy, no PR campaign can succeed.

At HQ SEO, we follow an adaptive, campaign-specific digital PR strategy that includes:


Understanding Goals & Objectives

All campaigns we run are designed to meet pre-defined goals. With these goals and objectives in mind, we also help your campaign target broad and narrow demographics as necessary.


Creating Content That Converts

If your business doesn’t have an in-house content marketing team, we can integrate your digital PR campaign with our end-to-end content marketing services that feature some of the most experienced digital content writers, editors and creative experts.


Digital PR Outreach

This is where HQ SEO takes your digital PR to the next level. While most PR agencies rely on old tactics, we use our bespoke outreach strategy coupled with our strong networking ties to make sure that your campaign gets the platform it deserves.


Tracking, Analysis and Optimisation

Digital PR – unlike traditional PR – is measurable. We use sophisticated tracking tools and methods to track of every single event of interest – from impressions to clicks and abandonment instances to conversions. We monitor every single campaign on a daily basis to get the best possible ROI on your digital PR spend.


Digital is the Future of PR. Jump On Board Today!

Traditional PR has always been a service that only the mighty could afford. Digital has changed it all and finally made PR accessible to every business out there.


Hit-and-Miss campaigns do only one thing – bleed your PR budget dry. A well designed, devised and executed digital PR campaign is the way to go forward.


At HQ SEO, our digital PR services use a blend of creative strategies – from guest posting to cold outreach – to make digital PR work for our clients. To know more about how your business can benefit from digital PR, get in touch with us today. You can also request a free, fully customised digital PR proposal by filling in the form below.


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