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 About Our Agency

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At our core, we want to help business owners succeed and gain more free time to give their customers more value. We specialise in making your business easy to find on Google, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns allow prospects, warm leads and potential clients to find your business.

We understand that business owners want to increase revenue fast by increasing the number of leads, clients and sales.

Our main goal is: “To increase the profit of our clients.”

All Campaigns are based on ROI (Return On Investment), if we cannot make a 1000% ROI for a client we do not take them on.

Simple. As. That.

HQ SEO is an independent SEO agency with headquarters in Cardiff, although we work with businesses worldwide. All our campaigns are 100% hands off, freeing up your time to do the things you love.


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Our Clients

Our clientèle is split between local businesses, national companies and international brands. 

The campaigns and techniques used to rank each are very different which is why we require as much information as possible about a client’s goals at the start of an seo campaign before creating a detailed proposal. You can see a quick selection of our clients below, or contact us for specific case studies or testimonials, a selection of testimonials are also below: 



Ecommerce Store Campaign

Tom & HQ SEO have been great in helping me grow our eCommerce site. Having been recommended to contact Tom, I can only say the results speak for themselves. They conducted a thorough SEO audit, cleaned up alot of rubbish that was hurting our site and helped me redesign the look and feel of the site too. In 6 months we increased from approximately £12,000 in monthly sales to well in excess of £40,000 a month. [update: We have now raised this figure to over £100,000 in sales per month on a £3,500 per month Ecom seo campaign.]

Darren Williams - NDA Agreement Signed.

National Campaign

I used Toms service to inject some SEO power into our site. Over a 3 month period he managed to increase the position of a number of keywords, including a mid Google page 1 position for an very competitive and highly searched keyword. I’ve found Tom to be very knowledgeable and helpful and would certainly use again in the future.

Jon - K9 Security.


Local & National Campaign

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom on many occasions and witnessed, first hand, his resourceful and innovative way of producing successful campaigns. I’ve been sincerely impressed with his ability to create well rounded and subtly clever marketing and SEO solutions. Future-proof solutions that employ a variety of avenues to direct relevant traffic to his clients sites and don’t just solely rely on pumping endless sums of money into Google with no real guarantee of financial return or client conversion. He’s proven to be a great ally, always friendly and ready to advise, he’s even helped me on a personal level so I can improve the way I go about designing websites so they are SEO friendly. I would highly recommend his services to any of my clients.

Andrew Manning - Global Marketing Group & The Branding Division.

Our SEO Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking a website highly in the search engines, for pre-selected profitable keywords.

To understand what your business needs, we first need to know your target audience. Our experience comes from targeting the right customers, analysing what terms they are most likely to search & finally ranking your website for these terms. Below are our 3 SEO Campaign options:


Local SEO

Local: For businesses that drive customers to or from a single location.

For example, our common local seo clients include; lawyers, builders, plumbers, architects, estate agents, driving instructors, gyms, electricians and any business that has a physical location OR a business that is only looking to provide their service to customers from a specific city or county. This will generally include service + location type keywords. Our local SEO services also include ranking in the Google map pack which is becoming increasingly important as this now appears above organic search results for the majority of competitive local keywords.

National SEO

National: For businesses that promote to customers and clients anywhere in the United Kingdom.

We rank your business for all the valuable keywords in Google.co.uk, as well as creating a powerful brand presence, leading to the branded results in Google and search volume for your business’s name itself. These services are for businesses looking to make sales or generate clients from anywhere in the UK. If you are looking to create a powerful UK brand presence this is the option for you.

Global SEO

GlobalFor businesses that can profit from sales or clients worldwide.

Also called eCommerce or brand SEO, these campaigns are promoted by our entire digital marketing team and by all of our contacts in PR, paid advertising, social and video marketing. We create a unique 6-12 month digital marketing plan, designed to promote your website and create a powerful, authoritative online brand, to dominate Google for all your selected keywords within this period. For a global proposal please get in touch.

View Our Brand New Client SEO Strategy

Our SEO Services

Below is the outlined campaign structure, for the full strategy we use visit our client seo strategy page.


Keyword Analysis

Targeting the most profitable, efficient keywords for a given campaign and implementing these into our on-page and off-page optimisation strategies. We research, evaluate and report on the most profitable keywords for a business to rank. This includes both primary & secondary keywords designed to include longer term competitive keywords and less competitive ones that can be ranked at a faster rate. More information on keyword analysis.

Onpage Optimisation

Gone are the days when simply inputting your primary keywords on a website would rank that site. Now Google has over 200 ranking factors, including user-experience, brand authority and site speed. Our on-page seo services cover all of the on-page factors Google looks for from site speed, keyword placement, internal linking & much much more. More information on Onpage Optimisation

Advanced Auditing

We create in-depth audits to ensure there are no technical issues with your website, including; Google penalties, negative seo or broken links. This is then reported back to client’s with the recommended action to be taken. These recommendations are then implemented by our on-page or off-page optimisation team. Audits can also be provided as one off packages. More information on Auditing.

Link Building

Once our on-page optimisation is complete, we move onto building relevant citations and backlinks. Our sister company is in fact is an extremely successful Link Building Agency offering only backlink generation and outreach services to clients. Backlinking and off-page SEO is no longer a quantity focused metric. In 2015 and beyond it’s the quality of the backlinks that point at a website, relevant, authoritative backlinks and citations will result in huge ranking boosts for all primary and secondary keywords. More information on backlink generation.

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Case Studies & Our Results

We have a number of impressive results, below are a selection of rankings we’ve achieved for our clients. NDA options are available to all our clients. (Click to expand images below)

Our Tools





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You will start noticing the results of our campaigns after the first few weeks of a campaign, but the real noticeable results come in month 4-6. of our work. Search engine optimisation is a complex process, because all major search engines are continuously tweaking their search algorithms; so although results may take some time, rest assured they will come. This is why we require all clients to be on a minimum 6 month contract and why the majority of the jumps appear in the second half of this time.

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The price of search engine optimisation depends on the needs of your business and whether you would like to target a local, national or global market. It's also dependent on the competition in your area or industry. Prices start at £499 a month for local businesses and range up to £6,999 a month for full digital marketing campaigns for global brands. We are looking to work with businesses that already understand the value of digital marketing and how potentially profitable it can be for their business.

[pane title="I have good rankings but no sales?"]

It is important to remember that although SEO is a great way to get customers to your website, it's totally useless without a site that converts well. This is why one of our first online marketing methods is conversion rate optimisation. This is important so more of the traffic that we will later generate for your business will convert into paying clients or customers. We integrate CRO practices during the on-page optimisation section of the campaign.


[pane title="Do You Offer Web Design Services?"]

We offer search engine friendly website design services as well as logo and graphic design for businesses.


[pane title="Number of Keywords?"]

Our seo campaigns do not work on a maximum/minimum keyword basis. We rank your business for ALL PROFITABLE keywords and do not simply base our promotions on a specific number. We are also not happy with 1 spot on page one, we create and rank separate websites, videos and other web properties to ensure your business can pick up ALL of the search engine visitors who are looking for a specific business, service or product.



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