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SEO For Ecommerce Store – Not A Luxury Anymore!

Ecommerce stores are one of the most difficult web properties to rank inside Google. The reason is simply due to the number of technical optimisation issues that naturally occur when un-trained team members add products & content to the site. It’s something that we’ve seen dozens of times with 7 and even 8 figure a month Ecommerce stores. These issues drastically hold back the effectiveness of these websites to a point where it becomes almost impossible to rank new products.

Without well-planned, deployed and monitored ecommerce store SEO, there’s simply no point adding thousands of products each month to your catalogue and pouring in tons of cash into marketing. 

Nearly every week, we get enquiries from ecommerce businesses – not just in the UK, but around the world – that all want to drive a ton of organi traffic, but aren’t quite sure how far-reaching ecommerce SEO services are, and – most importantly = if they are worth the trouble at all.


Understand Why SEO For ECommerce Store Makes A Difference

Before we get into the details of how we – at HQ SEO – design and execute end-to-end ecommerce SEO services, it’s important to understand why SEO matters for an e-commerce business.


Ecomerce Store SEO Improves Organic Visibility.

It’s a no brainer really – all SEO services have one ultimate goal: to drive more and more organic traffic to your website.

SEO for ecommerce websites isn’t any different. By staying on top of every angle, ecommerce SEO helps you rank consistently at the top of relevant SERPs.


SEO Helps Fix Your Relationship With Google

As an ecommerce business, the most important B2B relatioship you’ll ever have is that with Google.

Technical SEO for ecommerce store – when done right – fixes every single problem your website is likely to have in terms of crawlability, indexation and UX. Combine these three major factors together, and you’ll understand why technical SEO is a must-have for any website that hopes to rank in Google.


Ecommerce SEO Is Scalable

An average ecommerce SEO expert will probably never speak of this – but SEO – when done right – is as scalable as any organic marketing effort you’ll undertake.

Once the technical aspects are dealt with and the an elaborate on-page ecommerce SEO system put in place, it’s incredibly easy for you to just follow the code and upload products when and as you need (just like you already do).


Our Ecommerce SEO Services

If your ecommerce website and product pages don’t seem to rank as well as you want them to, you probably already have made some efforts to find out what’s going wrong. In most cases, a few ususal suspects are to blame (regardless of the ecommerce platform you are using).

Besides those, there are elements that are not easily distinguishable to a non-SEO fronted digital agency – even when they claim to be an ecommerce SEO expert. Just have a quick look at the following problems if any ring a bell:


Ecommerce And SEO: 10 Common Problems

  1. My ecommerce website doesn’t rank at all, no matter what I do. 
  2. My website ranks in Google but only for branded searches (which are never enough). 
  3. The product pages on my ecommerce website aren’t crawled for weeks.
  4. My competitors ALWAYS steal organic traffic from me even though I have better products. 
  5. I don’t really know how I can compete with websites like Amazon, BestBuy or Walmart.
  6. I’m getting decent traffic, but the bounce rates are just too high. 
  7. People are addding stuff to cart but they don’t seem to want to check out. 
  8. My competitors are stealing my money keywords.
  9. My ecommerce website is routinely penalised by Google for duplicate product descriptions. 
  10. I’ve got everything figured out – but something is not working! 


We Make SEO For Ecommerce Sites Easy And Actionable

In the past year we’ve resolved 8 major ecommerce issues for websites with over 10,000 individual pages. Some of the most common and dangerous issues that can be tackled in the long run using ecommerce best SEO practices include:  keyword cannibalisation, canonical issues, duplicate content, thin product pages & lack of topical relevant content.

This is one of the key reasons why a lot of ecommerce stores have multiple irrelevant pages ranking and why they find it difficult to build up overall site authority. While doing SEO for ecommerce websites, these (and many other) factors need to be taken into consideration.


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Thorough Ecommerce SEO Audit - Find Out How Your Store Is Bleeding "Organic" Money


SEO For Ecommerce Sites – Our Process

Our bespoke ecommerce store SEO services are designed to factor in every performance metric that counts towards boosting your bottom line.


Stage 1: Technical SEO Audit

Ecommerce store optimisation begins as with everything in SEO with a full technical SEO audit utilising Google Search Console, Google Analytics and a full website crawl. From here we can see the biggest issues holding your website back and integrate the needed solutions into our ecomerce SEO campaign.


Stage 2 – On And Off Page SEO + Content Creation

Once core issues are solved and the site begins to increase in organic rankings naturally we begin our ecommerce link building and content generation.

This is slightly different to the other techniques for B2B or B2C marketing. The reason behind this is we want to build links to content pieces and not product pages directly. Additional links to product pages are a good advantage but building links to products is not feasible for large sites and it’s also more difficult as this is seen as highly commercial and hence individuals do not want to link as frequently.

The content generation itself will be based on a number of areas. To discover the most profitable of these we use our specialised Ecommerce Keyword Research Process. This is a hybrid model of keyword research based on LSI keywords related to products, longer form content, guides & higher funnel keyword targeting.

Google ranks products for the end of the funnel keywords, the SERPs for which are usually dominated by Amazon, eBay and massive online retainers in your niche or industry.

Outranking these competitors is very time consuming and resource intensive. As a result we tend to gear our ecommerce content marketing campaigns around higher funnel keywords. So, instead of targeting the bottom of the funnel buyer keywords, we will build content pieces around middle of the funnel awareness terms that usually result in sales later down the line either through re-targeting or the user shopping across the website itself.


Stage 3 – Product Page Optimisation

Optimising the actual product pages is something we reserve for when everything else is sorted out and your content assets start driving real time organic traffic (the hallmark of services only the best ecommerce company can offer).

Optimising product pages using ecommerce best SEO practices involves optimising on-page content, improving imagery, maximising social shareability of product pages, enhancing the UX and streamlining the buyer’s journey.


Ecommerce SEO Checklist (Ecommerce SEO Audit)

If you want to quickly judge how your store fares when compared to ecommerce best SEO practices, HQ SEO Ecommerce SEO Checklist is for you.

Just run fast, superficial checks (a mini ecommerce SEO audit, if you will) to know and understand the extent of benefits you can get from hiring an ecommerce SEO expert like HQ SEO.


Technical SEO

  1. Crawlability
  2. Indexation
  3. UX
  4. Site Speed
  5. SSL
  6. Duplicate Content
  7. URL Health


On-Page SEO

  1. Content
  2. Meta Details
  3. Headings
  4. Images
  5. Landing Pages


Products And Categories

  1. Titles and Descriptions
  2. Plugin/App Performances
  3. Conversion Rates
  4. Reviews


Off-Page SEO

  1. Backlinks
  2. Referring Domains
  3. Broken Links
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Unwanted Links
  6. Link Growth


Social Signals

  1. Social Sharing
  2. Bookmarking
  3. Social Traffic


Needless to say, this ecommerce SEO checklist is only supposed to give you a fair idea of the overall state of SEO on your ecommerce store. If you want to run a thorough, extensive ecommerce SEO audit on your website, feel free to drop us a line.


Don’t Let Your Ecommerce Website Fade Into Oblivion!

Over 90% of ecommerce businesses fail to make it to the third year.

Having helped dozens of ecommerce businesses avoid this fate, our ecommerce SEO services are just what you need on your side.

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