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Business to business companies are the majority of HQ SEO’s client base. This is what our processes & project management was originally built out for. We’ve ranked over 120 B2B companies in the past decade evolving our process to be more refined with each and every campaign. This has led to a highly refined system we now implement for new clients with a 100% success rate.

As with all digital marketing campaigns we start with a full site audit. This is key to understanding what is going on with the site in the eyes of Google. A site audit includes crawling the entire website, building out key elements that are holding the site back and designing a full campaign to massively increase organic visibility in the most cost effective and highest converting way. All HQ SEO’s campaigns are primarily based on generating the highest ROI for a business owner, whether this be through targeting less competitive terms to start and moving into higher searched terms later down the line, or even by targeting individual demographics before moving onto the wider audience.

Once the technical audit is complete we do a full website quality audit, focusing on an in-depth content audit. As mentioned on our process page, content auditing is one of the keys to developing an in depth and effective content marketing campaign.

The content audit starts by analysing the existing “Linkable assets” on a website. A linkable asset is anything that can naturally attract high quality links. Determining a linkable asset is a skill in itself but something over time we’ve become accustomed to looking for. Generally speaking you want a piece of content, tool, calculator, graphic, video or any one of multiple types of content that has the potential to add massive amount of value to a user or prospect.

Once the content audit itself is complete we can build out a content generation calendar. This is filled in using any content that is usable on the site already, as well as generating content based on topics determined in the competition analysis and keyword research phrases of the campaign. The content itself must be extremely high quality and serve a specific purpose. A common mistake we see by businesses of all sizes is simply creating content for the sake of it. This has very little effect on organic rankings, especially if not active link building is integrated for these content pieces.

Once the content topic calendar is created (usually based on a 12-month campaign), we begin to build out a link building strategy to each piece. The number of authoritative, relevant links needed to rank a piece of content is determined by the competition for that keyword. This is also usually directly proportional to how profitable that keyword is.

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