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Content Auditing

Content auditing is our first step in the content marketing process. A content audit is simply a deep dive into a website’s pre-existing content. The reason we do a thorough content audit is simply due to it being a faster medium to achieve a positive ROI for a client.

For example, if we can determine a piece of content is already built which we can use for a client, we do not have to build a content strategy or topic for this keyword. As a result, we can simply improve the existing pieces and begin link generation straight away.

Content auditing gives us many quick wins for clients, the process itself involves looking for content that already has one of three things:

  • Pieces of content already generating high quality links.
  • Content pieces that are already ranking relatively well in Google.
  • High quality, non-commercial type pieces that can be integrated into our link building and outreach approach.

Once we’ve determined a piece that falls into one of these categories we build a content marketing strategy around it. This includes on-page optimisation, content “pruning” and link outreach. Using this strategy we can get extremely quick organic ranking benefits which result in increases in the key KPIs for clients all usually within a very short time period.

If you do not have any pre-existing content on the website that’s not a problem as one of the key elements we do at HQ SEO is build a content marketing plan, the content audit simply allows us to analyse if we can use anything that already exists on the website itself.

If you have any questions about the content auditing section please feel free to get in touch.

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