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Content marketing is, without a doubt, the best way to maximise the SEO returns. When coupled (it’s next impossible to keep the two apart, anymore), they can work wonders for your business. Higher rankings in SERPs yield more organic traffic that improves the SEO, and, in turn, gives your content even more exposure. It’s a runaway process every marketer dreams of.

But for content marketing to succeed, every bit of your campaign needs to be supported with a carefully laid out plan – a content strategy that works. Our content strategy creation services are customised to suit your content creation capabilities, budget, existing content value and industry. In tandem with our full-scale content marketing services, such an SEO content strategy is the best way to turn the ROI positive.


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What A Content Strategist Brings On Board

The very idea of content marketing is to create high-quality content on a regular basis, with clear objectives in mind. Cooking up short, arbitrary content pieces and putting them up on your website not only doesn’t work, it hurts the image of your business.

As a digital content strategist, we take care of the ‘planning’ part of your content marketing scheme. By optimising the available content creation resources over a given timeline, we give every content piece you create the best chance of appearing higher up in SERPs, getting consistent organic traffic and securing valuable backlinks.


Our Content Strategy Creation Process


Content Strategy Creation Process -HQ SEO


At HQ SEO, we follow a bespoke content strategy creation process that is fully customised to suit the needs of every individual campaign.


Content Analysis

An analysis of existing content is necessary to give us an insight into your objectives in the long run. We offer thorough content analysis as a part of our content audit service, as well.


Performance Analysis

We analyse how the existing content has fared to assess what line of thought and scheme the future content pieces need to follow.


Competition Analysis

This is an important part of every digital content strategy. By looking at what your competitors are up to, we can identify content gaps that your future content pieces can exploit.


Content Generation

Once the preliminary strategy is in place, we prepare a time-bound content generation scheme in consultation with your content team.


Content Calendar

Every publication business worth its salt has a content calendar. Discipline and consistency are two fundamental pillars of successful content marketing campaigns. By designing a ready-to-deploy content calendar, we make sure that you can always stay on top of all the content in the pipeline.

A content calendar is also enormously helpful in inter-department communications, performance review of content pieces and further optimisation.



We design multiple standalone campaigns within the principal campaign to schedule the delivery of content pieces. This achieves two things – it exposes all your content pieces to potential customers and speeds up the conversions on your website.


Content Creation Services

The customised content strategy we thus create for you is pretty much everything you need to start a content marketing campaign on your own, using your in-house content team.

If you don’t have such a team on board, we have you covered with our end-to-end content creation services. Using a handpicked group of experienced writers, editors and SEO experts, we help you create content pieces and amplify their delivery.


Content Is King – But Only When You Have A Strategy!

Producing content pieces for business blogs as and when you have time on your hands doesn’t work anymore.


Organic traffic is the heart of every successful business website. To make it tick, you need to have a content strategy.   


Having worked with numerous business websites, we – at HQ SEO – know for a fact that working to a pre-set content strategy template is the key to maximising your content marketing ROI. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, or request a free proposal using the form below.


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