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What We Do

HQ SEO Ltd is an organic marketing agency specialising in; technical SEO, link building and content marketing.
We rank websites in Google generating more leads and sales for businesses around the world.
Since 2012 we’ve helped over 100 clients rank their sites in Google & earn through smarter organic digital marketing.



How We Do This

Below is an overview of how we’ve managed to successful generate a positive ROI for over 100 clients. This is simply an overview, if you’d like any specific details please feel free to get in touch. Search engine optimisation is no longer simply implementing keywords into a website. Perfect SEO contains three key elements; technical optimisation, content marketing & link building. When combined these three pillars result in a successful and extremely profitable organic marketing campaign.

Technical Optimisation

Technical SEO is what makes your website more efficient. Technical optimisation begins with a full website quality & technical audit of the site. This audit always reveals the reasons why a specific site is not ranking. Unless you are ranking 1st for all of your primary keywords, something has gone wrong.
The technical SEO audit allows us to discover what elements are holding a site back, and what specifically is needs to be resolved to result in higher organic visibility. From the technical audit we build a site structure plan. This is developed from the perfect SEO architecture we’ve developed over the past decade. The core elements behind this haven’t changed for years and will not change, Google is always looking to crawl fast, well built, clean, responsive, secured websites. Technical optimisation integrates all of these key areas and more to ensure the Google spider can crawl and index the site efficiently.
On-page Optimisation – A highly misunderstood topic. On-page optimisation isn’t simply implementing your keywords into your website and ticking the box. Advanced on-page optimisation involves building an image towards Google, topical content with internal linking on a website to tell Google where the most important pages are located. Optimisation of each specific page running through 13 criteria that when combined equate to perfect on-page optimisation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term thrown around quite liberally. Content marketing at it’s core should be the following;
” The creation and distribution of valuable, relevant content that attracts and helps convert a previously defined audience. “
Most companies face 3 main problems with content marketing.
The first is the distribution of this valuable content. Simply adding your content to your social media accounts is not an effective distribution strategy.
Second is the tick-box mentally of content marketing – Simply writing a few blog posts that are semi-relevant to your target audience is not enough.
Thirdly, this content must engage and pre-sell your target audience. This is the ultimate key. The reason why strong SEO and content marketing can make businesses 5,000%+ ROI!
I call this process in its entirety – digital PR. As products that are distributed to the right channels attract customers and clients, the additional increase in organic rankings is usually just a by-product of successful digital PR campaigns. This makes this a win-win situation, more customers directly through content promotion & increased organic rankings which leads to more customers.

Link Building

Link building is the glue that holds content marketing and technical SEO together. It’s what separates the top rankings businesses from the ones ranking on page 2. It’s also the key element where so many digital agencies and businesses break down. SEO and content without link building can only go so far. When you combine all three elements you build an organic digital marketing campaign that reveals competitors spending 10 times this amount. Our SEO agency focuses on mixing perfect technical SEO, smart on-page optimisation and powerful link building.
Link building itself is the process of attracting links to your website, doing this in an effective way is the most resource intensive part of a digital marketing campaign. It is also the most important as it is the difference maker between websites that get tens of thousands of additional visitors, and the sites that only achieve an extra couple of hundred.

Below are a few of our case studies.

The Results

The Investment

All our campaigns are priced based on competition & ROI. (We’ve even built an ROI calculator for clients.)

*We do not take on a client we cannot generate a positive ROI for.

We take care of everything from the very start of a campaign, through on-page optimisation, technical development changes, outbound outreach, digital PR and content marketing. Becoming the full solution to online lead generation and sales. With the sole goal to generate a 10X ROI for every campaign we take on.

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