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HQ SEO brought a brand new eCommerce store from 100 organic visitors per month to 3,000 organic visitors within 5 months. Our goal is to grow this to 10,000 organic visitors within the 12 month campaign.

TBR Results
TBR Results

My company is an online clothing and accessory retail store. I went to HQ SEO to help rank our e-commerce store and straight from the get go Tom was incredibly helpful and a genuine good guy. He ran an entire site audit and outlined all the content that would need to change on the front end to help with ranking. Once we did, that within a week or two we saw a massive increase in our organic keywords and overall rank and the moment I saw us in the exact place Tom predicted, I instantly knew he was perfect for the task. HQ SEO has since helped us grow and outrank a bunch of competitors and we are now working a link building campaign which is giving us consistent, sustained growth which is amazing. I look forward to continuing with HQ SEO for years to come and couldn't recommend a company more.

Dino Santis
The Black Ravens

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