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Ecommerce B2C Campaign

A larger ecommerce store in the UK came to us after experiencing a drop year on year of their organic traffic and hence organic sales. This was due to lack of promotions, some technical optimisation issues and a few clear on-page improvements that needed to be made. Once technical and on-page changes we’re implemented we built out an impressive backlink generation campaign. The result was a doubling of organic traffic within 6 months back to their pre-drop stage and a 7X monthly ROI still with 6 months left on the campaign.

Adding an additional £14,000 per month in revenue, putting us on track to hit our 10X ROI within 12 months that the majority of clients experience.

Organic Search Earnings

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The Results

#1 Rankings

in Organic Search

55% Growth

in Organic search traffic


Website visits in a month

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