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A technical SEO audit is one of the first stages to a successful digital marketing campaign. Unlike some of our other audit services, this report is generated through high-detailed manual checks on a website. Sifting through the websites on a granular basis ensures that any technical issues are identified early. On completion, our technical SEO audit will be able to identify and resolve any problems during the beginning stages of a campaign.

Consider a technical SEO audit as a general medical check up on your website’s search engine optimisation. Without it, you may be suffering from some significant issues that could be hindering your organic search performance. We often come across websites that, despite having impeccable on-page SEO, can’t get past common technical SEO problems like keyword cannibalisation, redirect chains and canonicalisation. Our technical SEO audit is designed to unearth all such issues – large and small alike – to know exactly what needs to improve.


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What is Technical SEO?

So, what is technical SEO?

Within the wider SEO bubble there are several derivatives. Technical SEO is just one of them. It covers a number of areas, including site architecture, site speed, schema markup and more. When these elements are combined together, they ensure your website is in a fit state for search engines to crawl the content effectively.


Website Crawler Support via A Full-Scale Technical SEO Audit

Website crawler support is at the very heart of technical SEO. It ensures your website is in the optimum condition to be crawled by a search engine web crawler.

Once our technical SEO audit gives your website a clean bill of health, you can rest assured that your website is a perfect position in terms of crawlability and indexation. This is an important landmark to achieve, because you just cannot think of investing in content marketing campaigns unless you know for sure that your website is SEO-ready.


Our Technical SEO Audit Process

Over the years, we – at HQ SEO – have built an extensive technical SEO audit checklist. Our bespoke process enables us to analyse a large amount of website data to determine what and where the core issues on a website lie. Using industry leading software, we are able to perform advanced SEO checks that cover a wide area of technical issues. These checks include:

  • Indexation issues and penalties
  • Website architecture, navigation and internal linking
  • Site errors, such as 404 pages
  • On page optimisation and duplicate content checks
  • Canonicalisation and keyword cannibalisation problems



Our Technical SEO Audit Process - HQ SEO


From this crawl data, we build out a tailored actionable document that highlights any findings in an easy to understand language.

We rank the severity of issues which arise from the audit. These are then added to our internal project management action planner in order for our technical SEO team to work on. The work usually begins with short-term goals – claiming quick wins with major and obvious fixes. Once there, we develop a long-term plan of action to resolve each and every deep lying technical SEO issue to ensure that your website doesn’t lose out on organic visibility.


Technical Solutions

A technical audit allows us to determine what is holding the website back and determine how Google spiders see the site. This is the platform which the entire campaign is built from and why we have been successful in resolving complicated issues in as little as 6 weeks. Some of these issues can involve re-designs of scripts, landing pages and even the entire website. The goal here, however, is to make sure that every change we recommend and undertake is meant to drive the ROI upwards over time.


A Quick Case Study

HQ SEO resolved 3 core technical SEO audit issues for a recent client. These were integrated for a large B2B client’s website in 2017. The resulting organic traffic increase shows that these issues were preventing the site from ranking in the first place, a number of simple resolutions that took 3 weeks to implement themselves resulted in a 500% organic traffic increase and approximately a 560% increase in organic leads the business generated for their service. Check out our client case studies for further information.


Invisible SEO Problems Cost You Money!

Being a leading digital marketing agency, we know better than most people how every business out there wants to invest in their growth. From expensive traditional PR to efficient digital PR, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that their key messages are conveyed well.


Invisible SEO problems can hurt all your digital campaigns. You just can’t run a successful digital marketing campaign if your website isn’t primed for technical SEO. And the first step towards fixing that is knowing what the problems are. Read: a deep-action technical SEO audit.


To know more about how we help our clients identify and remedy technical SEO problems, get in touch with us. You can also fill in the form below to let us know of your requirements.



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