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Technical SEO Audit

A technical search engine optimisation audit is one of the first stages to a successful digital marketing campaign. Unlike a quality or CRO based audit, this report is generated based on individual manual checks, reviews and tests of a website.

At HQ SEO we’ve built a technical SEO audit checklist where we compile a large amount of data and determine if and where the core issues on a website or webpage are. These individual elements include; website indexation issues, penalties, negative backlinks, website architecture, 404 pages, 302 redirects, internal linking, all on-page optimisation, image optimisation audit, duplicate content, canonicalization issues, website crawl, keyword cannibalisation and other highly technical advanced SEO checks.

From this document we build out the perfect website structure based on your business needs. This varies from client to client and is usually determined by what Google is already ranking (which becomes apparent in the competition analysis audit.)

We also rank the severity of issues which arise from the audit. These are then added to our internal project management action planner in order, and of course the more severe the issue the quicker it is resolve by our technical SEO team.

A technical audit allows us to determine what is holding the website back and determine how Google spiders see the site. This is the platform which the entire campaign is built from and why we’ve been successful in resolving issues holding websites back in as little as 6 weeks. Some of these issues can involve large site re-designs but the return on investment from these changes are very much worth it.

Below is a screenshot from a campaign where HQ SEO resolved 3 core technical SEO audit issues. These were integrated for a large B2B client’s website in 2017. The resulting organic traffic increase shows that these issues were preventing the site from ranking in the first place, a number of simple resolutions that took 3 weeks to implement themselves resulted in a 500% organic traffic increase and approximately a 560% increase in organic leads the business generated for their service.

Tom Buckland is the founder of HQ SEO – A technical optimisation, link building and inbound marketing company based in Cardiff, UK – helping businesses grow explode their business through Google.

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