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Advanced Keyword Research

Keyword research has come a long way since the term was invented, even the mediums by which keyword research is developed has also changed.

At HQ SEO our primary goal is to determine ALL profitable keywords for a specific client. We do this using 3 core keyword research methods and combining the results and as a result creating a large list of keywords that once ranked will result in a high influx of sales and leads to a business or website.

There’s a large emphasis on finding the right long-tail keywords when it comes to keyword research and analysis. For the majority of businesses, the initial higher searched terms will be very obvious, but understanding what your target market is searching on a more granular level is extremely important and very profitable in the long term. The longer-term effect is ranking for more keywords and hence generating more pre-sold traffic to the site, which will convert to a higher top line revenue.

The Keyword Research Process

Our keyword analysis approach involves using data from 3 sources. These are Google analytics, Google search console & Ahrefs. These 3 tools allow us to map out the structure of the website and determine what keywords can be ranked for what individual target page. This is extremely important as avoiding keyword cannibalisation is something we see 90% of clients suffer from. This simply means when your own site competes against itself in the search engine result pages.

Using these 3 tools we can also determine the highest profitability keywords. These are the terms that will be searched the most (on average) and have the highest commercial value. For example, when a prospect searches inside Google for a specific keyword they may be either looking to do one of the following actions; find information (non-commercial), discover a solution (commercial) or buy a product (commercial). We want to focus our keyword analysis on discovering the commercial style keywords and ensuring we find potentially profitable keywords that will result in sales and not just “website traffic”.

This is very similar to the model of buyer cycle or level of funnel traffic. We want to bring in leads and prospects that are already pre-sold on what your specific offering is, as a result to do this we use content generation for specific keywords near the bottom of the funnel when clients or customers are “more ready to buy”. This makes our client’s sales cycle shorter, which frees up more resources for our clients as well. This is of course a win-win situation and it all starts by finding the most relevant, profitable, bottom of the sales funnel keywords to rank. Once keyword research is completed we move onto onpage optimisation or the technical audit depending on the website and campaign.

If you have any questions about keywords research or would like to request a proposal feel free to get in touch.

Tom Buckland is the founder of HQ SEO – A technical optimisation, link building and inbound marketing company based in Cardiff, UK – helping businesses grow explode their business through Google.

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