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Guest posting combines the best features of digital PR and link building into one powerful package. It’s an incredibly effective way of improving the visibility of your business by leveraging the authority of the host website.


Who Is This For?

Guest posting is a value-addition service, not a troubleshooting service. Pretty much every business website can benefit from the exposure and backlink benefits that guest posting strategies provide.


What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a strategy that has been out there for a long time. Bloggers used to routinely cross-feature articles to benefit from new readership – but there weren’t much monetary benefits attached to this strategy. Guest posting blogs was just a way of widening the readership net.

That has changed. Businesses can now use the trust value of already established authority websites by filling in their guest posting slots. This does two things:


  • Creates valuable backlinks that, over time, keep adding to the SEO value of your website and domain. This steadily boosts organic traffic.
  • Encourages referral traffic. Referral traffic converts 4x more easily than organic traffic.


Thanks to this, guest posting keeps generating returns on your investment in the short and the long run.


Add an Edge to Your Marketing Campaigns Through Fast, Attractive ROIs.

Outreach Made Easy. Benefit from Our Longstanding Industry Contacts to Find Premium Publishing Opportunities.

Pre-sold, Ready-to-Convert Referral Traffic.

Premium, SEO-ready Backlinks from Popular, High-Authority Host Websites.

Guest Posting Services That Integrate End-to-End Digital Marketing Solutions - from Content Marketing to Link Building and Digital PR.


Guest Posting Can Generate Some of the Best Digital Marketing ROIs.

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What is Outreach?

For any guest posting campaign to succeed, there are two prerequisites: the host website has to be relevant, high-authority and popular; and the guest website should have control over how the backlinks are formatted. The process of approaching host websites and negotiating the terms of guest posting with them is called ‘outreach’.


Being able to find hosts that fit these requirements is the absolute bottleneck for guest posting campaigns. At HQ SEO, we have overcome this problem by establishing a well-oiled outreach mechanism, in partnership with our sister company – one of the leading link building agencies in the UK.


By hiring our guest posting services, you get to benefit from our expertise in:


  • Blogger outreach
  • Independent authority website outreach
  • Digital media and relevant publisher outreach


Backlinks That Matter


Advantages of Guest Posting - HQ SEO


Getting backlinks isn’t exactly a tough task – getting backlinks that matter is the real deal. This is the reason why our guest posting services have consistently fared better than others. Over the years, HQ SEO has combined creative guest posting ideas for a variety of businesses with our other bespoke services like content marketing, SEO and digital PR.

Being a digital marketing umbrella agency, we bring on board an excellent mix of industry-leading expertise that’s perfected over the years. With HQ SEO’s guest posting services you get backlinks that are:


  • High quality in terms of authority and traffic
  • Formatted in sync with the best SEO practices
  • Trackable in real time using advanced tracking tools


How Guest Posting Boosts the ROI on Marketing Campaigns

Being a business, you may already be running marketing campaigns. Every active day of such campaigns costs you money – money you deserve the best returns on.

Guest posting acts as an ROI booster to all these campaigns by increasing the ‘worth’ of your website in the eyes of search engines, and bringing in additional leads through traffic.


Don’t Be Content With Breaking Even!

Marketing campaigns are just like any other business investment. You want them to give you a positive return.


Many businesses are mistaken into thinking that meeting the break-even point is the primary goal, and anything else is a bonus. A good digital marketing campaign takes your ROI far above and beyond the break-even point.


At HQ SEO, we know what it takes to find guest posting opportunities that resonate with your business, website and content strategies. Don’t be content with underperforming campaigns – get in touch today to request a free proposal.


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