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KeyworX Case Study – Ongoing SAAS Marketing & SEO Campaign

KeyworX is a SAAS business and hence came onboard for our saas digital marketing & SEO services. KeyworX is a brand-new business which was only established at the start of 2018. As a result, their first tool only went live in March which was an Amazon keyword tracking software. In the future they are looking to develop a suite of tools to help Amazon sellers. This is obviously a very competitive space but one we are excited to develop.

I’ve also come on-board as a full marketing consultant with equity for this business, advising in many areas of digital marketing and creating the overall marketing campaign for this business. This is not something I do for many clients as this is more a CMO role inside the company itself. If you are interested you can view this page.

For KeyworX we’ve actually done the entire process from web development, site design and full 2 year digital marketing campaign creation. This will be a running case study updated every few months with the results.

We also have permission to use the user acquisition data from KeyworX which means we can see the direct ROI we bring for Saas based companies in the future.

Looking forward to this campaign!

Update – 3 Month’s In

After just 3 months in we’re already seeing great results for our primary keywords which are now starting to index very high and will start to hit page 1 by the end of month 5/6.

Keyworx Organic Rankings Screenshot

Update 6 Months In

Incredibly we’re already generating a good ROI for this site, mainly due to the massive increase in organic rankings in the past 3 months. In 3 months we’ve 10X’d organic traffic and signs to where it was previously, results and organic traffic screenshots are below.

KeyworX Screenshot

A lot of the traffic is also coming from referral links built in the link building elements of the campaign! This is massively important for 2 reasons. The first is links are seen as more powerful when they generate traffic and secondly if people are clicking links to go through to the software then there’s clearly interested in signing up. So this referral traffic not only helps organic rankings drastically, but it also generates sign ups too.

Referral Traffic Since June 2018 (3 months)
Referral Traffic Since June 2018 (3 months)
Organic traffic by week since the site was live.

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