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Ecommerce stores are one of the most difficult web properties to rank inside Google. The reason is simply due to the number of technical optimisation issues that naturally occur when un-trained team members add products & content to the site. It’s something that we’ve seen dozens of times with 7 and even 8 figure a month Ecommerce stores. These issues drastically hold back the effectiveness of these websites to a point where it becomes almost impossible to rank new products.

If you’ve seen this with your Ecommerce store, then you are probably familiar with a few of the common optimisation issues. These are elements that are not easily distinguishable to a non-SEO fronted digital agency. In the past year we’ve resolved 8 major ecommerce issues for websites with over 10,000 individual pages. Some of the most common and dangerous issues are; keyword cannibalisation, canonical issues, duplicate content, thin product pages & lack of topical relevant content.

This is one of the key reasons why a lot of ecommerce stores have multiple irrelevant pages ranking and why they find it difficult to build up overall site authority.

Ecommerce store optimisation begins as with everything in SEO with a full technical audit utilising Google search console, Google analytics and a full website crawl. From here we can see the core issues holding a website back and integrate the needed solutions into our digital marketing campaign.

Once core issues are solved and the site begins to increase in organic rankings naturally we begin our ecommerce link building and content generation. This is slightly different to the other techniques for B2B or B2C marketing. The reason behind this is we want to build links to content pieces and not product pages directly. Additional links to product pages are a good advantage but building links to products is not feasible for large sites and it’s also more difficult as this is seen as highly commercial and hence individuals do not want to link as frequently.

The content generation itself will be based on a number of areas. To discover the most profitable of these we use our specialised Ecommerce keyword research process. This is a hybrid model of keyword research based on LSI keywords related to products, longer form content, guides & higher funnel keyword targeting.

Google ranks products for end of the funnel keywords, usually these SERPs are dominated by Amazon, Ebay and massive online retainers in your niche or industry. Outranking these competitors is very time consuming and resource intensive. As a result we tend to gear our ecommerce content marketing campaigns around higher funnel keywords, so instead of targeting bottom of the funnel buyer keywords we will build content pieces around middle of the funnel awareness terms that usually result in sales later down the line either through re-targeting or the user shopping across the website itself.

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