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An Introduction To Amazon SEO Services

by Tom Buckland Updated On May 16, 2019

At HQ SEO we’ve been involved with some amazing Ecommerce clients around the world. Many of these clients are also selling on a number of channels away from just Google. One of the most common Ecommerce channels for businesses now is Amazon as I’m sure most reading this are aware.

This is one of the reason we created our Amazon SEO services with our sister company a little less than a year ago. Which now ranks #1 worldwide and generates over 100 leads a month!

Introduction to Amazon SEO services

But in this guide we wanted to outline just 3 elements that all sellers need when it comes to selling on Amazon. The 3 Stages to becoming a successful Amazon seller. This is very beginner friendly content, if you are looking for some more advanced information check out the site mentioned above as we’ve written a highly highly technical blog for Amazon sellers looking to get to the next level with their business, and get in touch if you have any questions.

1.) Emphasise Your USP

Gone are the days where you can make 7 figures on Amazon by having an “OK” Product and being first to market. I saw people make a lot of money in this time and we even helped a number of these too but in 2018 it’s too late. You are too late to the party if you are only looking to get on Amazon and not build a real brand.

Amazon is just a platform, and as such it needs to be treated like it, similar to Google, you can rank a website but it becomes 10 times more difficult (and expensive) if you are not building a brand, writing good content and growing naturally externally. If you’re just in this for the money now it’s going to be a tough one to crack.

As a result you now need to emphasise your unique benefits of your product inside your listing, you will still need help for initial traction (this is where we come in) but once achieved the quality of your product will result in a fast growing business. Emphasise your unique selling points and ensure you aren’t just looking to generate some quick cash with a crappy product because its not even possible anymore! And obviously not recommended.

2.) Generate Initial Sales

We get close to 25 leads a week into the Amazon site, this is awesome but it’s also quite worrying at the same time that so many sellers need help. I think one of the reasons is the basic information around on-page optimisation for Google is quite easy to understand and implement into a site. Of course there’s a ton of misinformation in the marketplace regarding more advanced technical SEO and link building, but the basics are there and easy to understand.

But the problem with Amazon is that this same basic level of understanding doesn’t seem to be present. So in very very very simple terms, to rank on Amazon you have to generate full priced sales from external sources, this will increase your organic ranking, which leads to increasing your organic visibility… Which leads to generating sales through Amazon organic search… EASY Right?!…

Some ways to do this:

  • Paid marketing.
  • Adwords.
  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Asking your family, friends, anyone you’ve ever met (although this is technically against Amazon’s ToS.)
  • Content marketing
  • Guest Posts
  • Link building (to the Amazon page itself)
  • Amazon sponsored products.

Without these initial sales your product (no matter how good) will never rank and hence… Never make any sales! And you’ll be doomed to the 80% of Amazon sellers that make very little.

3.) Track, Tweak & Optimise

Not too long ago I wrote a beast of an article over 10,000 words long that outlines the best tools for Amazon sellers. This post is getting a lot of attention as it’s just a nice definitive list. USE TOOLS! They help you so much!

The core areas where I would recommend softwares are;

Inventory management

Inventory management just allows you as a business owner to see what’s going on a lot more clearly. This is something that just the generic Amazon seller central accounts does not show in enough detail. There are dozens of inventory management solutions, for the price I recommend AmzPing as my selection. It’s very easy to use and powerful at the same time.

Organic rank tracking

Tracking where you rank inside of Amazon for your organic rankings is essential. It’s something that is not talked about enough in the seller community but something that is potentially the single most important lead KPI signal that determines how profitable your Amazon business is going to be. The recommendation here is KeyworX this was built by our team to be the top solution for sellers.

Those are the 2 most important elements, aside from those you can get away with not using much else. Things like Jungle scout and other estimator tools are great but they are not essential for a successful campaign.

Cheers for reading and let me know if you have any questions.




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