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Doing An SEO Competitive Analysis The Right Way – Know What Your SEO Competitors Are Up To With This Free SEO Competitor Analysis Template

Here’s a simple piece of SEO advice you’ll never get from an average SEO – it’s all about common sense. Sure, getting a website to rank for some juicy, volume-heavy, money keywords is a tough job – but I, for one, am totally against the idea of making shi!t sound more complicated than it usually […]

What Is Link Anchor Text and Why It Matters for SEO (Understanding the Anchor Text SEO Relationship)

First things first – the link anchor text is important for SEO. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise – not today, at any rate. The real question is – how important? It’s very, very easy to miss the mark, I’ve seen many professional SEOs do it all the time. Like most things SEO, wrapping your […]

Content Marketing Strategy for SEO: Why an SEO-Blind Content Strategy Is Toxic & What You Should Do About It

It doesn’t matter what the topic at hand is. When you talk about SEO and content marketing in the same breath, you’re going to draw a few common emotions without fail. Here’s the biggest of ‘em all – confusion. Do you let SEO take a free rein as if it’s still 2009? Do you just […]

Here’s Why You Need to Get HTTPS (SSL) Sorted Today

You’ve got a great domain name, you’ve purchased a good hosting plan and your developers have set up a clean, feature-rich website. Everything looks good and your business is finally online. That’s great – but that’s not all. If your website, user data and traffic aren’t secured, you jeopardise the credibility of your business, the […]

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