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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A platform where businesses and individuals go to learn and not just watch cat videos. YouTube SEO is very similar to ranking a website when it comes to the core on-page optimisation strategies. Keyword research, title tags, descriptions, tags and even the length of the video are very important elements. But as with optimisation of website, on-page will only get you so far. If you are looking to increase your organic rankings of a YouTube video you will have to use external methods to rank for your pre-determined keywords, especially if these keywords are competitive.

At HQ SEO we’ve built a YouTube marketing strategy that revolves around 3 years of case studies and testing! Honestly YouTube was one of the most difficult platforms for ranking that we tried to crack. To boil everything we found down into a strategic process was very difficult, but it was achieved at the start of 2018. Now we’ve added YouTube SEO and video marketing services to our arsenal of optimisation weapons.

Ranking in YouTube (And ranking videos inside Google’s organic search) comes down to 3 things. Optimisation of the video, engagement that the video receives (watch time, likes, comments etc) and finally links and embeds that video receives. Competition plays a huge role in YouTube, meaning the higher the competition the more engagement and high authority embeds and links you will have to build to that specific video. Once ranked though YouTube is a powerful weapon for attracting leads and sales as video converts 3 times better than normal text-based content.

If you have any questions about our video marketing and optimisation strategies feel free to get in touch.

Tom Buckland is the founder of HQ SEO – A technical optimisation, link building and inbound marketing company based in Cardiff, UK – helping businesses grow explode their business through Google.

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