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YouTube reaches more adults than any other video platform in the world. A whopping 80% of prime purchasing demographic – including businesses – are on YouTube. It’s the second largest, and hands-down the most addictive, search engine out there.


The world loves YouTube, and we know it’s a big part of your content marketing efforts. But are you doing YouTube right? If you aren’t, your video masterpieces will get buried under the weight of hundreds of thousands of other videos – good and bad – that are uploaded daily.


The answer lies in YouTube video marketing. It wasn’t a thing a couple of years ago, but now it is – and (after countless case studies and 3 years of continuous testing) HQ SEO  is right at its forefront.


Video Marketing Strategy


YouTube SEO & Video Marketing Process - HQ SEO


Just take a look at everyday YouTube search trends and you will see that ‘video for business’ has taken over. YouTube is no longer just a pastime for people with webcams, it’s the most accessible video marketing platform.

YouTube SEO, however, is a whole new ball game. New on-page attributes are being introduced every year, and our robust video marketing services are designed to take each one of them into account.

We design our YouTube video marketing strategy in a three-step, dynamic process that involves:


YouTube Channel Audit

We audit your YouTube channel for content quality, reach, engagement and meta data. This gives us an insight into what’s working for you and what needs to change.


Competition Review

We analyse the direct competition as well as the chance-competition that keeps stealing traffic from your videos. This is done using state-of-the-art analytical tools and our home-grown services.


Individual Video Audit

We extend the channel audit treatment to individual YouTube videos. If you have a cornerstone video that’s going to get you most of your leads, this step becomes extremely important.


Enhance Every Engagement Metric - from Views & Watch Time to Shares & Embeds.

Cultivate High-Performing Video Assets Through Our End-to-End YouTube SEO Services.

Advanced, Content-Based On-Page SEO to Boost Engagement.

Our Bespoke Off-Page SEO Process Drives a Ton of Organic Traffic to Your YouTube Videos.

Keyword Research That Takes into Account Trends & Competition Analysis to Help You Win Untapped Niches & Content Gaps.


YouTube Optimisation

Once the video marketing strategy is in place, we get down to business.

The world still doesn’t fully know the secret sauce of YouTube SEO – but that doesn’t mean you should just hit the ‘Publish’ button and let the fate take over. Expensive video promotions and going viral are neither important, nor useful – the goal here is to reach the few people who are likely to do business with you.

YouTube optimisation is a combination of three factors:


YouTube Keyword Research

We use a bespoke combination of multiple keyword tools to unearth keywords that can drive a regular stream of traffic to your channel and videos. Keyword research is the stepping stone of all the video marketing campaigns we create.


On-Page Optimisation

We use extensive on-page optimisation techniques that help your videos rank higher, even for high-competition keywords. In fact, some of our regular clients run channels that consistently rank for incredibly competitive keywords.

Our on-page optimisation efforts include metadata optimisation, split testing for thumbnails and optimisation for additional features (suggested videos, end cards, etc.)


Optimising External Ranking Factors

This is similar to the classic off-page SEO.

The worth of a YouTube video is decided by the direct (views, watch time, shares, comments, likes etc.) and indirect (embeds and backlinks) engagement. While the direct engagement happens over the course of time, we boost the indirect engagement metrics for your videos using our carefully developed video marketing strategy.


Ranking Videos in Google SERPs

A large share of YouTube traffic still comes directly from Google SERPs, and we want your videos to be up there.

All our video marketing campaigns are designed to also help you rank directly in Google SERPs for relevant keywords. More organic traffic convinces YouTube that your videos are valuable, and in turn, you generate more leads and sales – it’s a win-win!


Video Content

Creating high-quality video content is the pre-requisite for video marketing. If you are unsure about how to develop a content calendar for marketing or PR, we have standalone services that might interest you.


They Won’t Just Stumble Upon Your Videos. You Need to Make Them Find You.

Going viral is often accidental. But with YouTube SEO, you can put your videos in front of people that matter to your business.

Video content will generate some of the most qualified, pre-sold and repeatable leads you can hope for. Make the most of it for your business with our YouTube video marketing services. Get in touch with us today to know more.


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