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Email marketing is the process of implementing strategies to market to your already established list of customers in an email list. Email marketing itself is a very in-depth marketing strategy and one that should be integrated into all sized brands. Email provides a key element in the overall content marketing strategy and when linked to social and inbound marketing can result in a very high ROI for a business.

Our strategies show clients what needs to be set-up based on their established levels. For example if you already have 100,00 subscribers, building the connection and growing the brand through this can be incredibly effective long term and discounts and coupons shouldn’t be offered regularly as a result. If you have any questions about our email marketing strategies feel free to get in touch.


Enhancing Your Current Email Strategy

Depending on the type of business we’re running an email marketing campaign for, will depend on what we are looking to achieve. Ecommerce store email strategies will be very different to construction companies which of course will be different again to a SAAS business. All companies should be developing an effective email marketing campaign which runs in the background of the business without day-to-day input from a team.

Aligning Email With Content & Events

Another important integration with email is the timing of your business’s events and content. Content distribution should be utilised alongside email, this not only helps gain initial user experience & social traction, but also helps gauge your content’s overall appeal in your market by first testing it on your current customers or clients. You can also align the same concepts with live events in an industry, promotion an event to your email list in an effective way and pre-positioning the event weeks in advance will drastically improve open rates, click throughs and eventual sign ups to this event.

Growing The Email List

Email marketing all starts with a specific strategy on how you are going to grow the list in the first place. There’s no use building beautiful email marketing campaigns if there is no one to see them. As a result we integrate recommendations with all clients on exactly how we can grow the list and build the specific correct type of subscribers utilising lead generation magnets, sign-ups, pre-approved polls and many other marketing strategies to generate an email submission.

Our team can also advice on keeping your emails inside all Spam guidelines, the best tools to use, GDPR compliance and more that will help your business and brand grow alongside many experiences where competitors fall down.


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