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Cardiff SEO Meet – Meet Number 2 | 18th August 2016

by Tom Buckland August 20, 2016

Cardiff SEO Meet is a glowingly popular meet based in the urban tap house in central Cardiff. Set-up by Steve Morgan a digital marketer and SEO expert who runs Morgan Online Marketing and SEOno. The event itself involves experts in their respective fields talking about any specific issue related to SEO. For example in the first talk in May we had a talk on Amazon SEO as well as Google analytics. These talks can vary from basic information all the way through to highly technical SEO, which was the first talk in the second event a couple of days ago.

Andrew Isidoro – Technical SEO FTW.

Andrew‘s talk was on the technical aspects of SEO, a forgotten art in the now link focused SEO world. The talk itself was targeted at the individual who already had the basic SEO knowledge and was looking to take their site even further in the SERPs. Andrew went in-depth into sitemaps, internal architecture, page speed and crawl budget. Making these seemingly tiny tweaks to your website can have a huge effect on your rankings in the serps and drastically improve your overall organic monthly traffic.

Sara Jones – Common Adword Mistakes.

The second talk was on Adwords and the 5 most common Adword mistakes. These are mistakes that most businesses don’t even think about, but many make on a daily basis when putting generic keywords into their accounts. Sara went through some of the most common mistakes such as; exact match vs broad keywords leading to irrelevant clicks and wasted budget, conversion tracking and retargeting. As well as some more advanced tactics, such as setting up tracking to stop showing the retargeting ad to individuals that have gone on to purchase the product, or at the very least capping the ad at 5-7 “shows” per visitor.

Learnium – Website Review

The final element to the meet was a site review. This was a brave move for the company that intended to have their site “reviewed” or shredded in some cases. Generally the advice was good although the site wasn’t that bad in the first place. The common issues were keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical elements and not enough high quality links – This is pretty much what we see with 90% of client websites, it takes time to make the SEO of a site perfect and I don’t think this site had invested any time into it yet. But they got some free advice so that’s all good.

Looking forward to the next meet, recommend to anyone living in the Cardiff or South Wales area too.


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