Speaking at Cardiff SEO Meet in November

by Thomas Buckland October 10, 2016

I’m just doing a quick post today to tell readers I will be speaking at Cardiff SEO Meet on 17th November (I think) talking about the very interesting topic of black hat seo. Steve Morgan the organiser of Cardiff SEO Meet asked me to talk and didn’t have a topic really for the event. So I recommended black hat, which initially we thought wouldn’t be the best idea, but then we agreed it would be good to clear up some of the myths and let people know that black hat isn’t just evil in most cases, it is actually very useful to a lot of people, you just have to understand what your short and long term goals are.

bh-seoThe basis of the talk

Introduction – Including the basic differences between white, grey and black hat SEO.

This also includes the levels of Black hat – Not all black hat seo is “that bad” and some is actually far beyond unethical and actually falls into the illegal grounds. This will be discussed here as well as why on-page seo can never really be “Black hat” anymore.

Why BH seo works / why it doesn’t work – And how Google’s number 1 factor to stop people from doing this is actually fear of getting caught/penalised.

After this intro and basics we will talk about when it works and when it doesn’t work. What situations it should be used in etc.

The strategies: There are generally 3/4 primary link building strategies that are considered BH. The first is buying links – I’ve seen this done in both white hat and black hat situations but when it comes to just buying links for the sake of the link (not to gain publicity or generate traffic) this falls from grey into black hat territory.

We will also talk about some seriously unethical and illegal techniques such as hacking and a few others that might get people’s attention!

Finally we will talk about the pointers which will be:

  • Risk vs reward of a campaign – Is losing the website worth the profit you will get for ranking for 1 month/1 year.
  • What White hat SEOs can learn from BH tactics – Essentially what you can take from BH SEO and use for clients or personal sites.
  • How to pull these BH strategies and turn them into actionable white hat link building techniques.

Finally there will be a conclusion and any questions… I’m not sure if people will love/hate the talk but it will be interesting to find out none the less.

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