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Hey, my name’s Tom Buckland, I’m the founder of HQ SEO & have helped dozens of businesses break 6 & 7 figures in sales through organic traffic in the past few years as well as creating 2 6-figure personal Ecommerce stores all through organic traffic.

HQ SEO has helped rank over 100 clients worldwide in Google & Amazon all off the back of high level ROI driven SEO techniques.

In 2018 we’re looking to take a no BS approach and create a live full day training event in Cardiff, teaching people how to earn more through smart inbound organic marketing and optimisation. These events will be held once per quarter in Barclays Eagle Lab (In Brunel House – Where our offices are based) and will go through everything you need to do to rank your site in Google, but instead of giving you all the information and letting you run I’ll be outlining everything purely from an ROI point of view and how to take very specific actions that lead to the highest ROI.

One of the elements that is very frustrating in the SEO industry is teaching “too much”. By this what I mean is if you are looking to build a business as a sole trader the approach you take from an SEO point of view is going to be very different to if your business has 50+ employees and wants to scale rapidly and has money to invest. The issue is it’s taught as a “one size fits all” model, which is something that’s simply not the case.

There’s a lot of mis-information in the SEO & digital marketing world. Multiple “guru’s” spreading misinformation even at the highest level, some names many people would recognise. If you are looking for clear, to the point training that will save you thousands of hours of research and training then check out if there are any spots available below for our next 2 day training event.

If you are looking for some SEO training from someone who actually know how to rank websites then check out details below.

Search Engine Optimisation Training Course Elements:

  • Keyword Research
    • Simple Local SEO Keyword Research.
    • Advanced Ecommerce Keyword Analysis
    • Content based keyword research techniques.
  • Competition Analysis.
    • How to spend 30 minutes and uncover exactly how your competitor ranks.
    • Reverse engineering top ranking competitors to develop strategies.
    • Building site structures on what Google ALREADY want’s to rank.
  • On-page Optimisation – Basics.
    • The 80-20 Rule of on-page optimisation.
    • How to optimise a local website better than 99% of your competitors in 23 minutes flat.
    • 7 Keys to On-page.
  • On-page Optimisation – Intermediate.
    • How To Integrate Silo Structures Into Your Content
    • Image Optimisation – Simple Quick Wins.
    • Internal Linking – The hidden power for larger sites.
  • On-page Optimisation – Advanced.
    • How to avoid keyword cannibalisation.
    • 3 Most common local seo mistakes.
    • 7 Most common Ecommerce optimisation issues.
  • Technical SEO.
    • Breaking Down The Technical SEO Audit.
  • Google search console.
    • An introduction to why search console can save you.
    • The 7 Minute Weekly Bear Minimums.
  • Maps Optimisation.
    • The optimisation strategies o one knows (or seems to care about)
    • How to rank in every city in the UK in 90 days.
  • Strategy Creation
    • Where the f*ck do I start?
    • How to build a simple but effective content marketing strategy.
  • Content Marketing 101
    • What are you trying to achieve.
    • Content marketing on a budget.
    • Content marketing on no budget.
  • Link Building – For Local Businesses
    • The Concise, Complete, NO BS Guide to Link Building for local companies.
  • Link Building – National Business
    • How to build a link building strategy and why it matters
    • 3 In-depth case studies for building powerful links.
  • Link Building For SAAS.
    • Software companies – Build dozens of links in 90 days.
    • Curated lists for saas companies.
    • Guest posting – Software company gold mine.
  • Ecommerce SEO Training
    • Ecommerce on-page optimisation.
    • How to build a 7 figure ecommerce store in 3 years.
  • Link Building For Ecommerce Stores.
    • How to generate 100 powerful links in 60 days using products.
    • 5 Powerful, in-depth link building strategies for Ecommerce stores.
  • Putting everything together
    • The 5 hour a week SEO strategy.

Cardiff Course Information

All courses are taught by myself (Tom Buckland) as it’s something I truly love to do, these events aren’t how we make money they’re just something we love hosting and teaching individuals how to build a highly profitable business off the back of search. They are run once per quarter and each time will focus on 3-5 specific techniques with a core focus for a certain type of business, usually; local businesses, national B2B companies, Ecommerce stores etc. Each course will have a maximum of 20 participants, the upcoming topics, dates and availability can be seen below. Whether you’re looking to learn SEO for a job role, become a freelancer or implement the strategies into your own business these SEO workshops and training courses will help you understand how to effectively rank sites with an ROI focus.

How It Works

Each quarter we’ll build a new presentation and course structure based on what we’re getting asked about the most, whether this be eCommerce, local SEO, product marketing etc. From here we’ll build the chapters of the course and refine these into the specific actions business owners and individuals need to take to learn effective, return on investment driven search marketing strategies.

The event’s themselves will be full day events with free coffees, lunch and a Q&A session in the evening lasting long into the night. The sole purpose of these events are to streamline the learning curve so everyone who’s looking to learn SEO can do so within one full day and get the correct, refined information in one place with access to someone who’s been doing it for more than a decade and ranked thousands of webpages.

Each quarter they’ll be a new focus, this quarter we’ll be running the event on the 2nd August 2018. As always there will only be 15 tickets available to keep the seminar very close and personal. Anyone is welcome the only requirement is you’ll take action on the given information.

2nd August 2018 Event – 6 Figure Local Domination.

The core theme of this quarter’s talk is local. How are we going to build a 6 figure (profit) local business within 12 months.

We’re approached by hundreds of businesses every month with the core goal to grow locally. Our pricing starts from £1k/month so for many of these they simply do not have the cash flow to determine these costs. These events are built for these individuals, you can learn the exact strategies we use to implement campaigns as large as £150,000/year for clients and generate similar results through these techniques.

To see exact details of this event and book please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/6-figure-business-creation-full-local-seo-training-hq-seo-tickets-46446055402

Results & What You’ll Achieve

The core goal of the seminar on the 2nd August will be to teach SEO that actually works. Teaching a business owner how to build or add 6 figures to their business via organic search traffic, or explaining exactly what you can bring to a new role that requires technical SEO knowledge. We’ll be outlining the exact strategies we use to rank local websites and how we’ve ranked over 50 locationally relevant clients in the past 2 years.

Each event will only have a maximum of 15 participants creating a seminar approach to the training and not a conference/webinar feel where people cannot ask questions or participate.

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 16 reviews
by Ben Sheppard on HQ SEO Ltd

Tom has been a massive help walking us through the process, he’s been a much needed addition to the business.

by Paul Baterina on HQ SEO Ltd

I hired HQ SEO agency for a technical project. Based on their consultation, we were able to identify and resolve these technical issues, in which helped improved our overall organic traffic.

by Jack Purdie on HQ SEO Ltd
Jack Purdie

I came to HQSEO through a recommendation from a friend. I had heard great things about their e commerce optimisation services, and was keen to find out more. Tom was very helpful at every stage of the process. From the initial consultation conversation, going over goals and strategies, right through to the final product, Tom was always available to offer guidance, advice and insight. The quality of the work is only matched by the level of expertise by which it is backed up. Within 2 weeks of starting my campaign with Tom I had already jumped straight on to the first page for my chosen keyword. As time and budgets allow I will be returning to work more with Tom to help drive my campaigns, sales and profits even further. Jack Purdie, Company Director, Nutral LTD

by Nigel Davies on HQ SEO Ltd
EcoFlor Ltd

I was very happy with the results of this campaign & the increase in leads we've received as a result. With an over 400% organic traffic increase (case study)

by David Rees on HQ SEO Ltd
IZY Capital

We have worked with HQ SEO on multiple projects and found their professionalism and results oriented focus of great benefit.

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