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The Short version of Local-SEO ranking factors

by Tom Buckland Updated On April 24, 2019

When it comes to local SEO everyone seems to play by a different rule, I need 1 million links and 500,000 citations… *Sigh* below is local seo summed up in 100 words.

1.) On-page + Keywords

Target a few primary keywords, but make your site look natural and create a BRAND!

2.) Create Google Business + Social profiles

Go to Google business and submit your information. Create a facebook, twitter and linkedin profile.

3.) Create 10-20 high quality Citations

You can find the best by simply Google-ing the top 20 citation sources.

4.) Write a press release and distribute

This helps add diversity to your link profile and create a bit of buzz about your business.

5.) Generate 5 High Quality Links

Easier said than done but you can either pay someone or simply ask to write a post in another website.

That’s it, that’s the short version of local SEO, if you do these 5 things you will rank on page 1 for your industry + location keyword.


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