Link Generation to Homepage or Inner Pages?

by Thomas Buckland July 12, 2017

LINK GENERATION TO HOMEPAGE OR INNER PAGESThis is a question I get from a lot of clients so I wanted to just do a very quick post on what I think and why.

You should be building all types of links to all types of pages (with the exception of policy pages, contact etc) any page that has the potential to convert clients/customers should have links to it.

Saying this we don’t all have a ?100,000 a month link building budget. So the next stage or the real question should be how should I best use my money or time to build links and where should they be built too?

This depends on 2 things. 1.) What you are trying to do when the visitor comes to your site. For example if someone visits HQ SEO we want to provide value to them. If they are a relevant prospect they will have a look around the site and potentially get in touch if they need any services. 2.) Your budget – This is key as if you don’t have the budget to rank competitive inner page keywords, then you shouldn’t be looking into trying to generate those types of links FIRST.

I stress first as there are free ways to do this, it is just a lot more difficult when your outreach prospects can see some sort of commercial value there.

So in conclusion I would recommend building backlinks to BOTH the homepage and any inner pages that have the potential to generate your website or company revenue. The velocity of links to build depends on the size of your site, authority you have and of course budget.


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