You Can Now Upload Product Updates Directly To SERPs In Real Time – Google’s New Product Search Policy To Strengthen Schema Adoption

by Tom Buckland Updated On May 17, 2019

Google Merchant Center SEO News Structured Data

Google, in a recently published blog post, announced that it will allow online retailers and manufacturers to update product information directly in their Merchant Center/Manufactuerer Center accounts.

This small update means that millions of e-commerce websites can now better control how their products are displayed in search results.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Google’s Latest Merchant Center Announcement

– Update product details (the ones you typically handle via structured markup) in real time.

– No payment required – every active Merchant Center account will have this capability.

– Avoid the poor CRO practice of disappointing visitors when they see price/colour/size discrepancies in the SERPs and the actual product page.

– Presently limited to US based e-commerce businesses and manufacturers.


What Does This Merchant Center Update Mean For E-Commerce Websites?

There’s nothing to be alarmed by hare – this Google Merchant Center Update is more of a positive upshot than anything else.

All e-commerce websites can now make full use of their Merchant Center accounts to have a better handle on product parameters that more or less determine click-through rates and conversion rates.


Using Structured Data For Better Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is a whole new ball game, especially when we talk about the scale that handles thousands of products spread across hundreds of categories.

From faceted navigation to duplicate content, countless technical SEO and on-page SEO problems plague ecommerce websites – as found out in the SEMRush study quoted below.



SEO for ecommerce eventually boils down to using structured data markups *wisely* and *properly*.

Google allows product pages that are equipped with structured data markup to be audited and optimized directly from Google Search Console.


Google Explains How You Can Use Merchant Center To Submit Product Updates

Google urges website owners and webmasters to use its Google Merchant Center facility to the fullest if they want to have product updates reflect in SERPs in real time.


To be able to use this feature, you no longer need to have active Google Ad campaigns. 


Here’s how to create a new Merchant Center account.

Here’s how to submit product updates.


Merchant Center Updates Will Reflect In Search & Images

Here’s what a typical product-markup looks in Google Search.


Structured Data For Products - Product Schema


Here’s the same product in Google Images.


Structured Data For Products - Product Schema In Google Images


The updates submitted via Merchant Center will reflect in Search and Images, expected to be followed by Voice.

If you have seen the latest Merchant Center Update in action, feel free to let us know your experience by getting in touch with us (alternatively, tag @tombucklandseo or @hqseocardiff in your tweets).



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