Multi-Location Local SEO

NILC Case Study – Multi-Location Local SEO

NILC is a Cardiff based training course provider. They teach customers many advanced technical IT, project management, financial and data processing type courses. They came to HQ SEO looking to rank for 8-10 core competitive courses in 5 locations. The site was not new but no active digital marketing had been attempted.

The campaign kicked off in April 2017. Since then, the results speak for themselves below.

NILC Organic Traffic Stats
NILC Organic Traffic Stats

Since the start date we’ve grown organic traffic by 400% for highly commercial competitive keywords within 18 months. Taking the monthly organic searches from 170 to 620 within this period and tripling organic search leads in the process.

By the end of the campaign the organic increase will be 500%.

This is the average results we see for local SEO client. The dip in December is a seasonal dip due to the services being professional courses – Of course many people are off over the holiday season. If you have a slow or high holiday season we would recommend leaving 8 months between start of the campaign and full ranking movements, as you can see in the above graph the peak was in January and will continue to increase throughout the year.


Tom and the team at HQ SEO have been fantastic and have helped us implement a number of SEO campaigns on various projects. Tom is always on hand to answer any questions and has a great knowledge of all things SEO related. Would highly recommend as they have been a pleasure to deal with

Karim Dastgir

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385% Growth

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