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Chapel 1877 Case Study Restaurant SEO Services

Chapel 1877 is a restaurant/bar & wedding venue based in Central Cardiff.
Chapel 1877 came to us looking for an initial SEO campaign for some of their struggling keywords
that were the large-earners for them which was their wedding style keywords.

Note: This is something we highly recommend; determining what keywords or services are your
biggest earners and gearing your digital marketing campaigns around this. This will get you a faster
ROI for your digital marketing, something which is always a good thing!

We will be updating this page as a running case study over the next few months as the campaign completes. The initial results show good movements across the board.


I have a good knowledge of SEO but don’t have the resources to carry out the service myself so I’ve always outsourced this work to ‘experts’ in the in the past but never got the results I wanted. However after speaking with Tom from HQSEO I was confident he would produce results, so I gave him a project and he completed that in the timeframe he set out with very good results. Tom is now working on other projects of mine and I have complete confidence in his ability.

Matthew Little
Chapel 1877

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