Marketing, Networking & Business Meetup Events in Cardiff

by Tom Buckland Updated On May 16, 2019

Marketing, Networking & Business Meetup Events in Cardiff

It seems there are not many business meetups in Cardiff that are actually any good.

I’m looking to build a running list of the ones worth going to. If you have any that you think should be on the list then hit me up on Twitter and we can get them added –

Top Business Meetups & Marketing Events in Cardiff

Cardiff SEO Meet

Cardiff SEO Meet is a marketing based event headed up in the tramshed tech in central Cardiff. Originally an SEO event this has recently expanded to be more of a broader business and marketing based meetup. The people there are all looking to progress their business and for anyone new to digital marketing you should be able to get some great nuggets of information. For anyone in digital marketing already you should be able to meet some cool people and at worst get free food, coffee, tea and BEER from the event sponsors. Run by Steve Morgan a personal friend of mine you can’t go wrong. A quarterly event. The meetup page for this is at:

Cardiff Entrepreneurial Meetup

A meetup run by myself once per month on Friday mornings, the is called Cardiff Success & Entrepreneurial Meetup and is of course on This meet is designed for people looking to expand their network of business and successful contacts in Cardiff. We all know that Cardiff is not the most entrepreneurial place and finding like minded people who are actually building 7, 8 or 9 figure businesses is very difficult. With this group I’m trying to build something in a very non-networking environment that achieves a similar goal.

If you know any ongoing events in the digital/success space in Cardiff please let me know and I’ll add these to the list.


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