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by Tom Buckland February 4, 2019

Bing Lets You Submit 10000 URLs Per Day - Bing SEO - Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Lets You Submit 10,000 URLs Per Day: What You Need to Know:

– Bing now lets webmasters submit up to 10,000 URLs per day.

– Cited as a ‘fundamental shift’, this could indicate a new ‘content discovery’ approach for search engines.

– The submission cap will depend on various factors – the site verified age being one of them.

– It’ll be interesting to see how Google reacts to this update.

Bing, on 31st January 2019, announced that they are following their recent trend of webmaster tools updates with a radical change in the way they aim to discover content in the coming years.



According to a post published by Bing’s webmaster portal, this is the first step for search engines to move towards a future where search engines don’t always need to find what content is being created on the web – instead, the creators can let them know via submitting thousands of URLs each day.


How to Submit 10,000 URLs Per Day Through Bing Webmaster Tools?

Domains that are ‘old’ in terms of verified age will have it a little easier.

 On dozens of Bing accounts we checked for websites in our portfolio, the option to submit 10,000 URLs to Bing was already enabled. 


Bing Submit 10000 URLs Bing Webmaster Tools - SEO


Submitting an URL is easy – just follow the ‘Submit URLs’ button in the main dashboard menu (when you log into your Bing Webmaster Tools account). If you’re doing your technical SEO the right way, you probably already know how this works.


An Easier Method – Submit 10,000 URLs to Bing By Integrating Bing API in Your WordPress/Shopify Website

Here’s how you can easily integrate the bing URL submission API in your WordPress or Shopify website.


By integrating the API, you can automate the entire process so that each URL that gets created on your website gets instantly submitted to Bing. You will be able to use the GetUrlSubmissionQuota request to instantly see how many URLs you can submit each day.


Will Google Follow?

Only time can tell. For now, feel free to draw your own conclusions based on John Mueller’s this tweet:


Webmasters Need to Take Bing More Seriously!

Bing has always been the ‘second class citizen’ when it comes to SEO. Webmasters around the world spend so much time focusing on Google that most Bing Webmaster Tools accounts are incredibly underutilized.

Millions of people still actively use Bing – more so in the US. If you want your SEO to be well and truly complete, ignoring Bing is not going to be a good idea.


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