HQ SEO Bournemouth is a professional corporate SEO company. We specialise in SEO services for small to medium local businesses and online eCommerce websites.

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We have 2 questions we ask clients before creating an SEO proposal, these are:


  • Do you currently have the capacity to take on new clients? We cannot accommodate customer service to the leads or additional clients generated.


  • The ROI for SEO isn’t instant. Our basic local SEO packages can take up to 3 months to return a positive ROI. Although after 6 months the average return on investment for clients is over 400%! Leading to most of our clients taking on more staff and we’ve even been solely responsible for allowing a business to purchase a secondary location due to the huge amount of clients they were receiving.

SEO Company Bournemouth


                    Keyword Research

Keyword research

We research and analyse the most profitable keywords your business can rank for. There is no “keyword limit” to our ranking strategies, we rank our clients for ALL profitable keywords so they can capture all the traffic searching a specific industry or service. Keyword research is the backbone in any successful SEO campaign, we have a specific keyword research team who are experts with tools such as SEMrush and the Google keyword planner, and analyses the most profitable keywords for your specific budget.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We create and rank video content in YouTube and Google, this means individuals more inclined to search in YouTube for a service, or business owners drawn to video results will end up coming to your site via the video medium.

Backlink Generation

Backlink Generation

We use content marketing and outreach strategies to generate high quality backlinks. Our Bournemouth network also allows us to generate local backlinks from other websites with an emphasis on Bournemouth/Poole and the South, which increases the relevancy of your website in these locational parameters and ranks your site super-quick when it comes to local Bournemouth keywords.

On-page Optimisation

Advanced on-page


  Gone are the days when simply putting your keywords in your title tags would be enough. Now Google has over 100 on-page ranking signals, ranging from SSL/HTTPS integration to website load speed. We implement all the necessary strategies to ensure your website is perfectly optimised for the pre-selected keywords.

Citation Creation

Citation creation

We create high quality, authoritative citations using your businesses name, phone number and location. This is one of the most important local ranking factors according to the results released by Google in 2015, and HQ SEO Bournemouth is famous for finding the most powerful citation sources in specific industries and locations.

SEO Audits

SEO Auditing

We fully audit all of our client’s websites before making any on or off page changes. The SEO auditing process involves running tests and analysing the data from your site, including the following; crawl and indexation tests, accessibility, website architecture, backlinks, on-page relevancy, content, keywords, conversion rate testing, video integration, semantic, any design or code errors, branding and mobile optimisation. Once the audit is complete we create a full list of what needs to be changed and pass this onto our on-page specialists.


How does our pricing scheme work?


  • Our prices are purely based on the competition and ROI for a specific area. We base ALL PRICING on 25% of ROI. For example if ranking 1st for “seo company Bournemouth” generated HQ SEO Bournemouth £2,000 per month, the pricing for the seo services involved would be £500 per month.


  • Our minimum contact length and price is £500 per month for 6 months, this gives our team enough time to rank your website for any of the keywords we’ve assessed as possible targets in the keyword research stage. When we rank a client we aim to be 1st not just on page 1!

SEO Services


For more information contact one of our experienced SEO consultants using the form below, or calling us on:

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Although we have offices in Cardiff, Bournemouth and Plymouth, and our client base is generally south-western. We can work with businesses ANYWHERE in the world and currently have clients in Australia, France, Germany as well as all over the UK.