The Cardiff Series | Brexit

by tombuckers July 9, 2016

IdiotThis is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, have small quick articles and videos posted on the HQ SEO blog talking about Cardiff and any of the events or business news that has been happening in the past month or few weeks. Today is the start of this series and unfortunately its on a bad note. A few weeks ago the UK announced it was leaving the EU.

With this news the pound has started to tumble and its going to be years before (from an economic point of view) we recover. I won’t get started on the politics behind this itself, just know that if there was an IQ test and top age limit the vote would have been 60% to remain.

Now with everyone jumping ship who was related to brexit, you can see how much of a F up this whole situation is and is going to be for the foreseeable future.

Although this isn’t Cardiff related entirely, I’m happy to announce that although Wales voted to leave (despite the areas that voted leave actually receiving the most money from the EU anyway… Sigh) Cardiff itself voted to remain.

Hopefully the next article will be a little more positive and more integrated into what I’m looking to write about, which is the success of Cardiff as a city, and ideally how it is enhancing business in the community. Although there might be some random posts on?non business related topics as long as they are Cardiff based and I find them interesting.

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