July 15, 2015

The 3 "Genres" of Backlink Generation

by tom in Backlinking

Like music, SEO or more specifically backlinking has specific genres where certain backlinking techniques fit in. Each client and business can fit into a variety of genres or only fall into 1 category. Depending on your type of business and how much you have to invest (both time and money wise) depends on what genre of backlinking you go into.

Paid Opportunities

For some reason over the past 3 years paid postings and paid link strategies have had an incredibly bad name but these still remain the number 1 easiest and least time consuming way to generate backlinks to your website. Money breeds money in business and this is the same in the online marketing world too.

DIY Link Builders

If you have a lot of time but limited funds to invest you can do the DIY link building, this is simply where you manually submit to websites that allow links, but also you create great content and share it socially. In this technique your “hoping” that your content gets noticed and goes viral online, this is incredibly difficult and unlikely for new local businesses, but as you become more recognised and gain a following, becomes easier and easier.


Simply reaching out to the relevant blogs and companies in your industries asking for a link. This is more commonly done in 1 of 2 formats. The first is broken link building, reaching out to web masters with broken links on their site and asking them to replace it with a link to your content (which is similar but better and more up to date.) The second is simply reaching out and asking someone to link to you, less effective but you can offer something such as an article in return for the service.

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