August 2, 2017

How Social Media Marketing & Web Design Should Work Together

by Thomas Buckland in Uncategorized

Social media marketing is something 2 years ago I hated. Honestly. Totally hated it. I thought that people trying to sell this to small local businesses were a joke and when they charged them ?200/month to post some content through Facebook and Twitter, well, I wasn?t exactly happy.

But, more recently I?ve worked with some better social media marketers and we?ve got to a position where we can now even integrate this into our campaigns for bigger clients. As a result I am a changed man and here is why.

Social media, done correctly (for businesses that can afford it) is just actually CONTENT MARKETING. Which if you?ve been around in the SEO world for any amount of time, you will know this is just another name for off-page SEO. Build a piece of content that is great, go and generate links to this piece of content and happy days! You have traffic and great backlinks (that?s a good thing)

Anyway, good social media is great. But people make so many mistakes when it comes to website design and social, I?m talking silly little mistakes that are costing them in conversions through social. In this post I wanted to talk about what design and optimisation elements you should implement to help social conversions and how they all work together in regards to social media marketing.

The first is rich snippets, optimising content for Facebook and design?s that convert.

Rich Snippets are elements that you integrate into the content and code of your website that helps Google analyse what that webpage is about. They are generally used to appear in the search results, such as the image below.

Rich Snippets Example – Image stolen from:

The star ratings are the most commonly talked about rich snippet element and one that help a website increase their click through rate from the search engines. This means they are really important for SEO and organic click through rate. But we aren?t really talking about that in this post.

Instead we are talking about rich snippets for FACEBOOK. Now these aren?t actually rich snippets, they are simply elements you put on a webpage that Facebook pulls and integrates into their content. For example when you share a link on Facebook, generally Facebook pulls the first image and the first few lines for the content of a post. Sometimes this doesn?t make any sense and hence converts terribly. Most people are too lazy to change this and don?t realise how much they are leaving on the table?. Tut tut.

But there are a number of really easy ways to optimise your posts for social AND there have been tests that show this is actually a minor ranking factor. Meaning if you implement what I call Facebook rich snippets you are benefiting in your organic rankings and SEO too. Win Win WIN.

So if you have a wordpress website you can get a plugin called all in one rich snippets ? This plugin is GODLY. It lets you integrate all the elements that you would have to code yourself into the content automatically. That saves a ton of time and energy (and probably cost with your web designer) this means that if you have no technical experience you can still implement this. It?s so easy just check the screenshot below.


Once you share that link to Facebook now it will be perfectly optimised and help you improve your FACEBOOK click through rate. If you?re increasing your FB and Google click throughs at the same time then you know your onto a winner.

There are a few more plugins I?d recommend just whilst we are on this topic. The next one is the shareholic social shares plugin. This is a free plugin that allows you to implement FLOATING social share buttons into your content. These scroll with the user as the scroll through your post or page, on both mobile and desktop devices. This means that if you have a call to action in the middle of a page (for example share this post if you think this sentence is AWESOME) then you are going to drastically improve your share rate and increase the chance of generating the viral effect which is what we want for all our content.

How The Post Should Look (Design Elements)

Web designers love to overcomplicate things, but when it comes to posts we need to simplify everything. Instead of building a complicated template every time you post a new post, build one go-to blog post template and every piece of content you release from now until 2020 should use this template. This should be taken from people who ALREADY have a huge amount of traffic. For example if I think of the top digital marketers, I think of Neil Patel and Ryan from DigitalMarketer. Instead of over complicating it, I?m going to copy their exact blog post template for our blog?.. (not this blog of course) but a blog we syndicate through social or where you have an emphasis on making money from it, you should do this.


Copy what already works.

If there is one piece of advice I could give to every start-up business, it’s to copy what works. This is one of the rules of talent, this is what half of all business books I?ve read tell me (that?s a lot by the way.) Steal and copy what already works without feeling guilty, because if you don?t you?ll be out of business whilst they are still thriving.


Design content that already works, copy experts, tweak to relate it to your influence or business. Add social rich snippets and syndicate this through social accounts. Do this on a regular basis whilst generating buzz about your business and you will create the viral effect.

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