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SEO For Additional Sales Channels (Amazon | Ebay)

by tombuckers September 6, 2016

Nowadays there are hundreds of places we can go to online to search for a particular product or service. Obviously the most common one of these is Google. But there are other sales channels that small and big businesses alike should look to generate additional sales. For example more people now go directly to Amazon to search for a specific product than search in This means if you aren’t coming up in the Amazon search engine, you will be automatically losing over 50% of your potential customers! That’s not good.

As a result at HQ SEO we have set-up a sister site that offers SEO for ecommerce businesses that are looking to get started on their Amazon marketing journey. This is called and we also have a full guide on how to create an amazon business too. That has got great reviews by readers and experts alike. Below is a video that outlines the major process. Hope you enjoy the video and check out the site!

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