SEO Services – What Type Of Business Are You?

At HQ SEO we build individual custom digital marketing campaigns based around technical SEO, content marketing and link building. As a result, we work with a range of companies of different types and the campaign style itself changes drastically depending on what style business you are.

For example, an Ecommerce store has a lot more technical SEO that results in a higher ROI than a local business site. As a result, we like to qualify each client before building out proposals. We find this way we ensure the highest ROI for the campaign based on the specific business’s needs.

Below are the 5 current types of campaigns we build. These are just frameworks and if your business comes within multiple of these please feel free to get in touch.

Local Businesses

Local Businesses – Since our launch in 2012 we’ve ranked over 150 local businesses in Google. Local SEO is one of the highest return on investment marketing strategies for locational specific companies that can only sell within a given radius or need to attract customers to a set location in a city. You can find out more about our local seo services and case studies here.

National/International B2B Companies

B2B companies – The majority of our clients fit into this category. For any company providing a product or service to another business in the UK or worldwide this campaign is built for you. With an emphasis on overall brand promotion through specific content marketing & technical SEO. To find out more about our B2B digital marketing and case studies click here.

National/International B2C Companies

B2C companies – Marketing directly to consumers is very different. Commercial intent and even specific keyword targeting changes a lot whether you are targeting an end consumer with a product or you are a business targeting a business. This campaign structure is for companies that market directly to consumers. Please note this is NOT for ecommerce stores, that option if below. Click here to view more about our business to consumer marketing campaigns and case studies.

SAAS Providers

Software as a service provider – If your company creates an markets a SAAS product whether this be directly to individuals or licencing to businesses, this is the optimisation method for you. This campaign is focused around detailed, keyword focused content marketing that pre-sells the software in the background of informative, extremely valuable posts. These are then promoted using HQ SEO’s link building strategies leading to a massive influx in sign ups directly from promotions and through increased organic visibility. To read more about our SAAS marketing campaigns click here.

Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce stores – Ecommerce SEO is very different to standard B2C digital marketing. The reason is ecommerce stores tend to suffer from a lot of technical SEO issues including keyword cannibalisation, duplicate content, canonical issues and many more. The first stage in any SEO campaign is a large technical audit of the site. With ecom sites this usually reveals hundreds if not thousands of individual issues, depending on the number of separate products a store sells. For more information on how we’ve helped Ecommerce stores click here.

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