The Definitive Local SEO Training Course

The Exact Strategies We’ve Used To Rank Clients Paying £10,000+

How ​This Training Will Explode Your Business


1.) Starting With The Maths.​​​

Reverse Engineer what your competition is doing. Use keyword data to analyse how much they are generating through the search engines.

When you see you can make £50,000 a month by simply ranking for your primary keywords, this will motivate you to complete the course and take action. This is also an invest your time ONCE and profit FOREVER model.


2.) On-page Optimisation

Think you already know local SEO? 

Think again.

We have 23 videos that go in depth on on-page optimisation. 

Everything from keyword research, competition analysis, images, site speed, responsiveness, H1-4 tag, URL structure, site architecture, siloing, titles, internal linking, schema and more.


3.) Backlink Generation Part 1

4 Types of backlinks that if done correctly will rank you for the majority of your secondary keywords and your less competitive primary keywords. 

These strategies put you ahead of 99% of the competition and hence will put you on top of Google as a result.


4.) Backlink Generation Part 2

The difference between generating £5-10k/month and hitting the £50k+/monthly. This involves a lot of energy but not a lot of capital! I've outlined the exact link building process we use to build high quality, authoritative links, all 100% white hat and all extremely powerful.

Simon Robinson

Elliot Blackler

Managing Director


I knew Tom after working at a company that was a client of HQ SEO. After leaving this position and starting on my own I wanted to get some really good advice and went over to HQSEO to get in touch. As we were just a start-up we couldn't afford the full seo services. Instead of going elsewhere I asked can we do something and he mentioned he was building a video training course that we could have once launched. 2 months later after completing the course I started implementing everything step by step. Slowly my rankings started to increase and then I got my first few sales on a random Saturday! I've continued implementing everything and I'm only up to section 6. This course has EVERYTHING you need to rank a website. As Tom mentions its the exact strategies he uses for clients, instead of HQ SEO completing the service, you do it yourself for 1/50th of the price!! I'd highly recommend the course to any startup that can't afford the full services.

​What You Receive


30 Minute Personal Consultation

A 30 minute consultation with the founder of HQ SEO Ltd - Tom Buckland. Delivered via a Skype call.


40+ Video Tutorials

40 Videos outlining specifically WHAT and WHEN to complete on and off of your website.


Individual Checklists​​​​

After going through each section there is an SEO checklist to ensure you have completed each of the outlined elements.


A Strategy That has Made Millions

The Exact Process we use to rank clients paying £2,000+ per month. Everything formatted for beginners with easy to understand video tutorials and guides.

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