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Inbound Marketing Methodology

by Tom Buckland July 31, 2018

Inbound marketing has become a sort of buzzword, but, it is one of the best marketing techniques out there. Inbound marketing is about getting leads from your site without outreaching in any way.

The following diagram shows the inbound marketing methodology in practice:

Inbound methodology

Inbound methodology helps businesses adapt to rapidly-changing needs. By following each step closely, you will turn strangers into brand promoters.


This is the first step in the inbound marketing methodology. It focuses on driving qualified traffic to your site.

Content creation is the most effective strategy as it earns the viewer’s attention. Other benefits of content creation are increased traffic volume and lead conversion rate optimisation.

Content can come in a variety of forms; including blog posts, articles, videos, case studies and infographics. The stronger the quality of your content, the more authority you will gain, resulting in increased organic traffic.

Businesses are looking for solutions that your content explains how to solve.

Inbound marketing attracts and “pulls” instead of pushes people do business with them. Drawing people in instead of trying to push them through the door.

Next, social media has become huge in inbound marketing. It allows business to interact with customers but also attract new followers to the brand. Build up a strong follower count and content will reach a wide audience which, again, creates authority.

In fact:

54% of B2B marketers have generated leads from social media.

Further still:

79% of marketers saw an increase in traffic with as little as 6 hours a week invested in social media marketing.

Use social media channels to monitor what is being said about the brand and the industry as a whole. Valuable information can be found from customer opinions shared through social media.


The next stage in the inbound methodology is to convert this website visitor into a lead. To do this you need to acquire their contact information.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to create a landing page which teases premium content that can only be accessed by providing their contact information. Remember to include clear call to action (CTA) buttons throughout the website that redirects visitors to this landing page. As well as keeping your CTA’s consistent and simple throughout. Do not confuse your prospect with multiple offerings.

If you are in a service business then always include a well built (ideally responsive) form on this landing page. Whether you offer access to premium content, such as a webinar, ebook or strategy. Or simply you are requesting they get in touch for a demo or “strategy session”.

After contact details have been received, communicate with the visitor promptly. Follow up with an email that includes the promised content and arrange for a separate call or meeting to discuss relevant questions they may have about the business. Direct them to further relevant, informative content to help with any queries. Lead management credit for below extremely interesting fact about contacting leads as soon as they come in!

Qualified Leads

Tip: find the balance between regular level content and premium level content. Don’t give away too much prime material without collecting the necessary contact information first.

Finally, track converting leads in a CRM. Make notes of all interactions and conversations with leads for future reference. This will optimise attracting, converting, closing and delight ideal customers (you can see more about this in our lead flow post.)


This is where leads turn into paying clients and customers. The marketing and sales teams must work together to complete the sale.

A lead flow process will help describe how well leads are flowing through the sales funnel. Without a sound lead flow process, valuable leads slip through the net.

Implement a lead scoring system to identify where each lead is in the sales process and provide them with relevant content. Nurture leads individually based on their requirements and their interests.

For leads that are close to the top of the sales funnel, provide them with brand focused content. For leads that are towards the bottom of the sale funnel, interact with them via personal or online consultations.

Implement marketing automation when closing sales. Marketing teams can draw leads through the funnel quickly and deliver high quality leads into sales. Automating targeted, personalised emails is one example to implement.

Finally, keep an eye on customer analytics. They help you see that content is attracting the right leads and simplify lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Closing is no longer just about sales. Modern inbound methodology understands closing the sale also relies on marketing.


Even after customers sign the dotted line, frequent and effective communication is needed. Existing customers have high expectations. Provide quality service to keep them delighted.

Inbound marketing requires delivering quality content on a frequent basis. This applies to both new visitors and existing customers.

Tip: be smart with content. Loyal customers do not require CTAs to access premium content.

Excellent customer service makes it easier to upsell in the future. Invite customers to be part of a newsletter to stay up to date with latest news and content. Dynamic content should also be considered.

Find time to communicate with customers. Word of mouth is an effective inbound lead strategy that cannot be created without great customer service. Satisfied customers will share content on their respective social media pages further increased exposure.

Continue to monitor customer satisfaction with surveys. Use feedback to encourage positive processes and make improvements where highlighted. In time your most profitable clients and happiest customers will become some of the best (and cheapest) salespeople for driving your business forward.


Inbound marketing is an extremely effective strategy to generate higher converting leads for your business. These leads are easier to close, more profitable in the long term and will become salespeople of their own too. If you’d like to talk to someone about our inbound marketing strategies at HQ SEO, feel free to get in touch today. Thanks for reading.

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