4 Access Hire Case Study Micro Local SEO Campaign

4 Access hire came onboard for a micro-local seo campaign. Micro local is where a client is looking to rank for city + industry style keywords.

Within 6 months we’d ranked the site top 3 in maps & organic for all of their primary keywords.

Ecoflor Case Study

How HQSEO Grew EcoFlor.Co.Uk’s Organic Traffic 1600% In 12 Months.

After over 5 years of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting, we’ve figured out how to improve a business’s search engine rank in almost any space. It doesn’t matter if the keyword is in the consumer space or business space…
the formula is the same.

Like many other companies EcoFlor focused their time on optimising all the elements within their control with the hope to boost sales, they even delegated the SEO task to their technical IT guy who came back with the bad news – SEO needs real attention from SEO industry experts.

That’s when EcoFlor found HQSEO

EcoFlor wanted a reliable way to improve their Search Engine Results Page Rank (SERP) score and came to us with the task to add some SEO power to their website to improve their online revenue stream.

This was one of my favourite campaigns because it was one of those situations that I know we could really rank fast once the issues from the technical SEO audit were complete. And I mean the results speak for themselves. We’ve now moved onto bigger things with Ecoflor building content & scaling link generation as they’ve seen the power that pre-sold leads have coming from organic search.

K9 Mobile Security Case Study

In 2017 we ran a case study for K9 Mobile Security – A security company based in Plymouth UK.

K9 came on board for a local SEO campaign targeting 1 specific location, in this case the city of Plymouth.

Local SEO is split into 2 separate ranking plans: Organic & Google Maps.

Both rankings carry a lot of weight as some users prefer the maps listings to select a business, others prefer the organic results, so ranking in both is a necessity to maximise the amount of traffic & leads we bring into the business and essentially maximise the amount of money that can be made from the campaign.

Our 2 primary keywords were “security Plymouth” and “security company Plymouth” – with a campaign length of 6 months, which ended in January 2018.

Organic Results

The results were perfect for organic rankings – 1st for both primary keywords.

K9 organic ranking results

Map Results

3rd in Maps for primary keyword 1

2nd in Maps for primary keyword 1

Resulting in a great influx of organic traffic & leads. Unfortunately call tracking was not set-up for this client, which is something that we recommend for clients but it’s not essential for a successful campaign, it just helps explain the ROI.

If you would like to get in touch about our local SEO services visit the contact page.

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