How HQ SEO Grew EcoFlor’s Organic Traffic 4X in 4 months and is on the way to 10X Organic Traffic in 6 Months [How You Can Achieve Similar Results]

After 6 years of SEO consulting, I`ve figured out how to improve a business’s search engine rank in almost any space.
It does’t matter if the keyword is in the consumer space or business space . . . theformula is the same!

We Tripled Ecoflor's Traffic 4 Months

When Ecoflor came to us they were seriously struggling to rank highly on search engines like Google. Like many other companies they optimised all other areas of their business in the hope to boost sales, but still for some reason the customers were just not coming in.
For all B2C and B2B companies the simple revenue formula is this:
“It was due to a dedicated four-month SEO and link-buildingcampaign that focused on competitive and non-competitive keywords which led to an increase in search engine rankings plus brand exposure that led to a significant increase in leads and sales.”
Ecoflor ‘s CEO

HQ SEO’s Success Formula

As you can see after it took only 4 months for HQ SEO to triple Ecoflor’s site traffic.
To achieve this awesome result, HQ SEO did a number of things:
  1. Conducted Site Audit.
  2. Identified Primary and Secondary Anchor Keywords.
  3. Fully Optimised On-page SEO.
  4. Optimised Off-page SEO.
  5. Used offer-based outbound prospecting with value exchange for backlinks.
  6. Repeat Step 5.

Backlinks Beat Keywords

As backlinks increase the Google algorithm recognises this as:
If the content is being back-linked to more it must mean the content is giving more value and must be high quality and since Google’s job is to put the highest quality content in front of the right person so that when a prospect then searches the targeted keyword Google ranks the site higher in search engine.

Let’s Do Some SEO Math!

Ecoflor has now seen an increase in organic traffic and sales – remember these prospects are ready to buy and already in need of Ecoflor’s solution.
  • Assume 5% of new traffic to is converted to sales.
  • Ecoflor charges a minimum of £3000 per client.
  • HQ SEO improved the site traffic by 200% (900 users).
  • 5% of 900 is 45 paying clients per month.
  • Ecoflors max capacity per month is 20 jobs.
  • 20 x £3000 = £60,000 revenue per month.

Look at how much money your business could make!

Of course for Ecoflor to serve 45 clients in one month would be impossible so they actually had to say no to leads.

That’s right we filled their pipeline!

They had to turn leads away!

Was it worth it?

Ecoflor paid HQ SEO 4-monthly instalments of £5000 which makes a total of £20,000 and in return HQ SEO provided £60,000 worth of value!

£60,000 - £20,000 = £40,000 Extra Profit Per Month!!!

Want us to do this for your business?

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Before Ecoflor Met HQ SEO

Understanding the Problem
So when Ecoflor started seeing other businesses rank higher than them on Google’s search engine they started looking for ways to improve change this and learnt that Search Engine Optimisation was the way forward to improve their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rank.
In-House SEO?
Let’s face it, when faced with a new challenge or problem most business’ first thought is to look inward to see whether they can do it in-house by delegating to a department, team or person within the organisation.
So Ecoflor looked at their resources and first tried learning how to apply SEO themselves “on the job” without giving much thought to extra resources or strategy.
Great Job Done!
Not quite, even after allowing enough time to learn the new skill, their site still wasn’t ranking higher and more importantly their incoming traffic was still low and sales were still low.
Crikey That Much!!!
They decided to outsource to a professional SEO person and to their dismay they saw that SEO consultants cost £250 to £20,000 per month.
Ok lets hire a cheap guy – it may take bit longer because they have less experience but at least we don’t break the bank.
They searched the web and found 5 cheap SEO guys that looked good enough to do the job – low and behold even after giving them enough time to learn on the job they still didn’t see their search engine rank improve above their competitors.
After calling the supposed ‘SEO guy’ in to discuss the problem, to their disappointment they found out the guy wasn’t specialised but a general SEO guy was only good enough to optimise for ‘On-page traffic’.
They were like wait so there is another layer to this? All my competition still ranks higher than me and my page is fully optimised for On-page SEO ? What else can we do?

The Solution? They Found HQ SEO

They finally decided to bite the bullet and pay premium for a HQ SEO’s expert Off-Page SEO service.
100% Success Rate
SEO is not an exact science but our strategy has been 100% proven to work. How fast we get you make you money depends largely on how much competition there is for your targeted key words.
50 Day SEO Triumph – 4 Access Hire
Our latest example of the typical type of results we often achieve and can get you is, a Cardiff based supplier of all things related to scaffolding. In just 50 days we’ve tripled the number of site users!

More Math - Is It Worth It?

Again if we assume 5% of the 4 Access Hire’s new users convert into to paying customers at £1000 per job and:
  • HQ SEO improved the site user number by 60.
  • 5% of 60 is 3.
  • 3 x £1000 = £3000
In this case 4 Access Hire was a much smaller client, so far has paid HQ SEO 2 monthly installments of £1000 which equates to £2000 in total, and in return HQ SEO provided £3000 of revenue.
Remember we achieved this in just 1 and a half months and that they will get this much extra revenue per month!

£3,000 - £2,000 = £1,000 Extra Profit Per Month!!!

You Know You Need SEO, We Know our Service works so What’s Stopping You?

The process is a tried, tested and 100% proven ‘system’ and we have shown two from numerous examples showing there is no chance it can fail.
When You Come On Board:
  • In our first project kick-off meeting we’ll discuss and determine exactly what keywords you want to target.
  • After that we’ll apply our unique outbound prospecting system which works tirelessly to get the backlinks you need for each of your specific targeted keywords.

What Are You Waiting For?

Notice how even for a very competitive keyword space such as scaffolding we managed to improve their google search engine – as you can in some cases by 98 places!
  • After we took on 4 - Access hire we moved their business site up to the first page of Google.
  • This means that highly motivated prospects will see their business first.
  • And when you consider each prospect will pay £1000 - £5000, increasing the amount of traffic like this is can prove to be very lucrative for their business.
And this could be your business!!!
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