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Why Your Business Needs To Be On Page #1 of Google
Why your business needs to take Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) very seriously.

The Green Box: Your Target Position

The top of the Google Maps Table, above your competition.

The Yellow Box: Position #1 of Organic Search

People will see this site first and be +30% more likely to clickthrough and buy.

The Red Box: The Non-Permanent Solution

The result of paying Google for an Adwords Campaign.

Sponsored Content competes directly with organic content but requires continuous payments to Google and is rarely implemented efffectively.

Our Future Proofed Solution

HQSEO is an SEO company that specialises in getting your company website to permanently rank #1 in Google’s Yellow and Green boxes.

Read on to see how getting your company website to show on page #1 links directly to increasing your sales.

How HQSEO Grew’s Organic Traffic 4X in 4 months and is on the way to 10X Organic Traffic in 6 months

After over 5 years of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting, we’ve figured out how to improve a business’s search engine rank in almost any space. It doesn’t matter if the keyword is in the consumer space or business space…


the formula is the same.

HQ SEO Success Revenue Formula

Like many other companies EcoFlor focused their time on optimising all the elements within their control with the hope to boost sales, they even delegated the SEO task to their technical IT guy who came back with the bad news – SEO needs real attention from SEO industry experts.

That’s when found HQSEO

EcoFlor wanted a reliable way to improve their Search Engine Results Page Rank (SERP) score and came to us with the task to add some SEO power to their website to improve their online revenue stream.


How did we increase their online sales?

It was due to a dedicated four-month SEO and link-building campaign that focused on competitive and non-competitive keywords which led to an increase in in search engine rankings plus brand exposure that led to a significant increase in leads and sales.

– Director of

As you can see it took just 6 months for us to triple’s site traffic and chance to make sales.

How? we applied our Advanced SEO Solution:

Let's Do Some SEO Math
Why you should care about improving your company's website traffic. has now seen a permanent increase in organic traffic and sales, don’t forget the traffic increase is directly linked to HQSEO optimising the site for the Anchor Keywords. Now every time a prospect searches for their unique flooring solution, will pop up at the top of page one.

Remember these are people who are ready to buy and who are already in need Ecoflor’s solution.

This means they are much more likely to click through and make a sale, and for EcoFlor this is great because everytime they secure a new contract, they get an injection of cashflow and fill up one more slot in their pipeline.

Look at the typical stats below and imagine how we could apply this to your business:


5% of new traffic to site is converted to sales.

EcoFlor charges a minimum of at least £3000 per contract.

HQSEO improved the site traffic by approx 200% (1400-500=900 extra users).

5% of 900 is 45 paying clients per month.

EcoFlor’s max capacity per month is 20 jobs.

20 x £3000 = £60,000 extra revenue per month.

Try it with your own numbers!

Of course for EcoFlor to serve an extra 45 clients in one month is impossible with their current capacity capability so they actually would have had to say no to leads.

That’s right HQSEO’s solution filled their pipeline!

Was it worth it?

Ecoflor paid HQ SEO 4-monthly instalments of £5000 which makes a total of £20,000 and in return HQ SEO provided £60,000 worth of value!

£60,000 – £20,000 =

£40,000 Extra Profit Per Month!

How does this not sound attractive to you and your business? HQSEO prides itself on being an ROI Driven SEO company and here whilst numbers are based on assumption they are not that far from the truth.

Our Solution Works

We Get You Results

It’s as simple as that.

Want us to do this for your business?

The Only Question Left...
Do you or don't you want more online traffic and revenue?

This is the result we got for and to be honest their quick success is one of the first times we’ve seen our solution work so quickly.

Then 4-Access Hire Reached Out To Us.

50 Day Triumph -
HQSEO did it again!
More evidence that HQSEO's Advanced SEO solution works.

We managed to triple another client’s organic traffic,

this time, in less than 2 months.

More SEO Math
Truly how much is HQSEO's Advanced SEO System worth?

Again let’s make a few assumptions:

5% of new users convert into to paying customers.

Each new contract is worth approx £1000.

HQSEO improved the site user number by 60.

5% of 60 is 3.

3 x £1000 = £3000.

In this case 4 Access Hire, a scaffolding company, had been with us for just two months and had paid HQSEO 2-monthly installments of £1000.

£3000 – 2 x £1000 = £1000 EXTRA Profit Per Month!!!

They started making profit on their HQSEO investment in less than 2 months.

You Know You Need SEO, We Know our Service works so What’s Stopping You?

Our process has been tried, tested and is 100% proven and we have shown just two from countless examples showing the possible profit HQSEO can make for your business.

Above we see the performance of each of’s Anchor keywords, more evidence of HQSEO’s reliable solution.

As you can see it shows the page someone will land on if they type the keyword shown on the left column of the table.

And if you look at the corresponding page rank in the lower red box you can see yet more evidence that HQSEO’s Advanced SEO Strategy works.

To Conclude:

Thankyou for reading, we hope you learnt a little more about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation for your business. All numbers used were representative and most likely underestimates to real results.

The main objective of this case study was to show how HQSEO’s Advanced SEO Solution could be used to inject some cash into your business model so that you can scale to the next level in your business.

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