We have worked with HQ SEO on multiple projects and found their professionalism and results oriented focus of great benefit.
Toby White
Artimus Solutions
My company is an online clothing and accessory retail store. I went to HQSEO to help rank our e-commerce store and straight from the get go Tom was incredibly helpful and a genuine good guy. He ran an entire site audit and outlined all the content that would need to change on the front end to help with ranking. Once we did, that within a week or two we saw a massive increase in our organic keywords and overall rank and the moment I saw us in the exact place Tom predicted, I instantly knew he was perfect for the task. HQSEO has since helped us grow and outrank a bunch of competitors and we are now working a link building campaign which is giving us consistent, sustained growth which is amazing. I look forward to continuing with HQSEO for years to come and couldn't recommend a company more.
Dino Santis
The Black Ravens
Best service we could've asked for, really detailed exactly what we needed to scale our digital traffic.
Alex Washbourne
Washbourne Marketing
I have a good knowledge of SEO but don’t have the resources to carry out the service myself so I’ve always outsourced this work to ‘experts’ in the in the past but never got the results I wanted.   However after speaking with Tom from HQSEO I was confident he would produce results, so I gave him a project and he completed that in the timeframe he set out with very good results. Tom is now working on other projects of mine and I have complete confidence in his ability.
Matthew Little
Chapel 1877
We were impressed by their efficiency. HQ SEO’s staff were knowledgeable about how to scale an e-commerce website & Tom was extremely helpful with an additional marketing strategy based questions we had. Since the end of our project, we’ve managed to double online sales.
Jessica Blackler
We have worked with HQ SEO on multiple projects and found their professionalism and results oriented focus of great benefit.
David Rees
IZY Capital
Highly recommended and very professional service, I didn't really understand SEO until I contacted the company. I am happy with there work and I'm starting to see better rankings and visits to my website.
Carl Ashfield
Local Chief
I was very happy with the results of this campaign & the increase in leads we've received as a result. With an over 400% organic traffic increase (case study)
Nigel Davies
I came to HQSEO through a recommendation from a friend. I had heard great things about their e commerce optimisation services, and was keen to find out more. (Tom/HQSEO) Was very helpful at every stage of the process. From the initial consultation conversation, going over goals and strategies, right through to the final product, Tom was always available to offer guidance, advice and insight. The quality of the work is only matched by the level of expertise by which it is backed up. Within 2 weeks of starting my campaign with Tom I had already jumped straight on to the first page for my chosen keyword. As time and budgets allow I will be returning to work more with Tom to help drive my campaigns, sales and profits even further.
Jack Purdie
Nutral LTD
They helps us out with more than just SEO; it’s an all-around approach to our business.
Elena Santori
Nortech Control
I worked with Tom on 3 specific projects and can’t speak highly enough of him, the way he works and the people he employs. He strikes a perfect balance between efficient systems that get things done and a warm, friendly and understanding personality. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him
Stephen Kelly
by SK
I hired HQ SEO agency for a technical project. Based on their consultation, we were able to identify and resolve these technical issues, in which helped improved our overall organic traffic.
Paul Baterina
I hired HQ SEO agency for some technical SEO consulting. They were able to see some issues on my site that were holding me back from achieving maximum ranking and organic growth for my site. Don’t sleep on these guys – they know what they’re doing.
Peter Rota
PRR Digital
Tom has been a massive help walking us through the process, he’s been a much needed addition to the business
Ben Sheppard
We used Tom’s services in January for a site-wide seo audit. He helped us find multiple issues we didn’t know were holding our site back, and explained the remedies to solve these issues, highly recommend his SEO services and knowledge.
Steve Richardson
My Local Services
I was referred to HQ SEO by a mutual friend / client and so far I’ve not been disappointed… Very knowledgeable and patient (which is helpful!), Tom’s advice is proving invaluable and I look forward to building on the relationship.
Jon Phillips
I contacted Tom to get my web design agency off the ground with some solid SEO, as I was a start-up and needed some fast local rankings for my website. I know a little about SEO and as a results was quite sceptical hiring an agency as I’ve heard some horror stories. So I decided to go with a freelancer instead and I’m glad I did. Its much more personal and you can be as involved or as hands off as you like if you work with him!
Theo Moorfield
5Fifty Design
With a new direction, and look to my photography business I enlisted the help of Tom to improve my ranking on Google locally and within 4 weeks I had moved up to second position! I am extremely happy with the service I have received and am looking forward to working with Tom to expand the search area and promote my business to a wider audience.
Sally Edwards
Sally Edwards Photography
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom on many occasions and witnessed, first hand, his resourceful and innovative way of producing successful campaigns. I’ve been sincerely impressed with his ability to create well rounded and subtly clever marketing and SEO solutions. Future-proof solutions that employ a variety of avenues to direct relevant traffic to his clients sites and don’t just solely rely on pumping endless sums of money into Google with no real guarantee of financial return or client conversion. He’s proven to be a great ally, always friendly and ready to advise, he’s even helped me on a personal level so I can improve the way I go about designing websites so they are SEO friendly. I would highly recommend his services to any of my clients.
Andrew Manning
Global Marketing Group
Having left university I was taking a massive risk going straight into freelance web design without any industry or business experience. I told Tom this and he provided me with a personal service that was tailored to supporting me as a start-up. I cannot thank Tom enough for everything he has done in growing my clientèle to such an extent that I am looking to expand the business. Interestingly, many of my rival designers and agencies offer in-house SEO, however, I rank higher than them on Google and prospective clients find me first. This goes to show that using a specialist such as Tom is the only route to take, your business needs to be ahead of all others and that’s exactly what he will provide.
Matthew Ward
Ward Designs
Tom’s someone in the SEO industry speak to on a regular basis as whenever I do I always take something away. Whether it’s a creative way to get new backlinks to a technical on-page tactics. He’s a well rounded SEO and all round internet marketer.
Jack Vivian
Head Of Search

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