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Kitseek is an ecommerce website that we’ve built a full 12 month ecommerce MARKETING campaign for. This has included a full paid advertising, social media marketing, adwords & Amazon marketing campaign. But in this case study we are only going to be talking about organic search results.

This is going to be an ongoing case study with updates based on organic traffic generation only.

The website/business is brand new, being established in 2017. Brand new sites are always the most difficult to rank just because they do not naturally have any age or authority in Google.

For example, if you think about a website that’s been around for 3 years, even if no active digital marketing has been integrated into this, chances are they have a number of links to the site already, lots of content on the website and have naturally developed trust in Google’s eyes.

As a result we had a large uphill climb but this is a very large campaign so is going to make a great case study start to finish.

From October-December the major goal was to build a 2 year digital marketing campaign. Usually our campaigns are 12 months but in this case as the site is so new, it needed to be 2 years.

The common issues with ecommerce sites were all present, these include;
Canonical issues.

  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Thin content on product pages.
  • Lack of content on category pages.
  • No blog content.
  • No links.

If you have any knowledge about SEO the above list is pretty common for 95% of ecommerce sites, so seeing it here wasn’t a surprise.

We integrated some major technical resolutions in November and December and the results are starting already which is always good to see.

We do need to change the overall theme of the website which is likely to occur in February, this is going to cause a ranking decrease as some technical development issues will arise but accommodate this.

Next update is likely to be in the spring.

The Results

#1 Rank

in Google Results & Maps

12,134% Growth

in Organic search traffic


Website visits in a month

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