5 Business Events in Cardiff 2016

by tom August 1, 2016

Cardiff SEO meet

This is one of the top SEO meets in Wales, something that Steve Morgan has worked hard to grow. Only launched in mid 2016 Cardiff SEO meet has started to have a strong following with potentially 4 events a year and 3 experienced speakers per event. These meets are both formal in terms of the information and style of delivery, but also casual in as much as you can meet new experienced online marketers, as well as small business owners who go to these events to brush up on their SEO knowledge. If you live in the south Wales region I highly recommend taking the time to subscribe the the meet-up page and visiting the next event.

IntroBiz Business Expo

This is (as the name suggests) an expo in which multiple types of businesses come to showcase their goods and services. Based in the motorpoint arena in central Cardiff this is one of Cardiff’s largest business events with hundreds of businesses attending and thousands of tickets sold for the event every year. The next expo goes live in November and sells out fast, so get your tickets early.

Welsh Finance Conference

This is a financial services and investors event that has multiple experts both speaking and networking. Whether you are in the financial services or not is not important, the information delivered at these events is second to none and the contacts you can make, can also make you personally or your business a lot of money in the process.


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