July 12, 2015

3 Local SEO Tools all Local Businesses Should Use

by tom in Local SEO

There are hundreds, if not thousands of “seo tools” available on the market. It’s difficult enough as an SEO consultant to work out which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t, but as a local business owner with a relatively small amount of SEO experience the task becomes 10 times more daunting. If you stay inside these 3 tools we talk about below, you should never have any issues with your local seo campaigns.

1.) Competition Analysis

Something that HQ SEO is?an extreme advocate of is competition analysis. Why try to learn something when you can simply copy it from the top ranking competition. There are 3 tools that come in our competition analysis section, and these are: SEMrush, Ahrefs and WhiteSparks. We will explain why they are all extremely important individually below, but why together they are all you need for any local seo promotions.

SEMrush – SEMrush is coined as “the competition analysis tool” and allows you to see exactly what keywords your competition is ranking for and hence profiting from. If you are in the same location and industry as these then you can directly copy their rankings. Another great use for SEMrush is the sheer ability to calculate the value of traffic you receive ranking for certain keywords. For instance “SEO Company” in the UK gets 2,900 with an average CPC of ?14! This means ranking 1st you would receive 40% of the search volume =?1160. 1160 x the CPC value (?14) = ?16,240 worth of business every month. Compare this to some other markets like insurance or credit cards and suddenly it become ?16,000 a day.

But?SEMrush allows you to calculate value for smaller local keywords too.

2.) How They Ranked

I’m going to assume you have basic knowledge of keywords and on-page optmisation. If so then you know the remaining factors in local SEO are: backlinks and citations. If you create more authority backlinks and citations that your competition, you rank #1 there is no variation about it, you will rank 1st in Google. But how do you know how many you need to create? Well this is where our next 2 tools come in.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs is a backlink checker tool, it tells you what websites link to your site, and with what anchor text, to check your competitions links simply paste their domain name into the site explorer tab and hit run. You will receive a display like the below screenshot. From here go to inbound links > links.

Ahrefs backlinks


From this location you can see every backlink pointing to a website or domain. The top ranked backlinks are the most important as they carry the?most “Push” or authority in Google’s eyes. It’s called the URLrank which is a metric created by Ahrefs.

Backlinks Screenshot



Once you have your list of backlinks you can go through and make a note of the top DOFOLLOW sites the competitor is linked from. Nofollow carries no SEO value so do not target links from nofollow sources. The nofollow can be seen by the “do not disturb” icon.

Once you have your list of links you need to achieve, you have to go out and generate these (this bit is tricky) You can either go to the website that links directly to a competitor and ask for a link, you can even pay for a link or in some cases you’ll need to find a similar quality website to generate a link from, but that’s a whole other article.

The second part to local rankings is citations.

This is where our 3rd tool comes in.

Whitesparks is a citation checking tool, that allows you to see how many high quality citations a particular business has. You can also just base the citation searcher to track the citation sources for the top websites for a particular keyword. HQ SEO uses the example “gym Cardiff” in the screenshot below.

Citation sources

Once checker you can download all of the places where a citation is submitted (by your competitors) and begin submitting your businesses details. Ensure the address, business name and phone number you use is the same for all citations.

Once you have a high number of authority citations than your competitors and a higher number of QUALITY backlinks, you will rank above them! This is a fact and how Google’s algorithm works in 2015 and beyond.

Thanks for reading, remember to share, comment, like and all that good stuff.



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