SEO Auditing & Technical Analysis of a Website

SEO Audits are one of the most important elements to any campaign. We offer this service independently of our other services, although it is also included in all campaigns in the first month. 

on site optimisation
  • A website audit is simply a detailed technical report of where the website is currently from a search engine's perspective.
  • There are many elements included in these reports such as site speed, on-page optimisation, images, indexing, SSL, redirects, backlink analysis, internal linking, content and many many more.
  • Audits usually solve a number of problems that many businesses didn't even know they had. For example over optimisation of a certain piece of content, under-optimisation of product or services pages, an issue with the site speed or even just an overall penalty on the site. 
  • Once an audit is complete we will be able to see exactly what steps need to be taken to resolve these issues. This is then generated into our client seo strategy to create your personal 6 month campaign.
  • Clients are welcome to resolve the issues from the audit themselves, we have a number of auditing options, all of which are priced on how large the website is. A small site under 100 pages will be £500. A larger business site around 100-500 pages/posts will be £1000 and a corporation or Ecommerce site will be £1500.
  • We actually recommend clients come onboard for a full package instead of individually taking the auditing option. But it is totally up to you. For more information click below.