On Page Optimisation

Onpage SEO or on-site seo as it is sometimes referred to is the process of optimising a website's content and code. This is every change you make on a specific website with the goal of improving the rankings of that website. This is generally what the majority of business owners & design companies focus on SOLELY, but it is only part of the ranking equation.

on site optimisation
  • On-page optimisation is more complicated than you think. Gone are the days where simply putting your keyword in the H1 tags and SEO title would get you ranked. Nowadays you have to create the correct overall process with each individual page on the site and not just on the homepage.
  • The 80/20 Rule is very visible with on-page optimisation. If you do the 20% correctly, you will see 80% of the results in the search results. We have 2 stages of on-page optimisation. Stage 1 involves implementing the 20% perfectly onto every page of the website. Stage 2 involves adding the relevant 80% elements that result in a smaller boost but the elements that none of your competition will be implementing.
  • Over optimisation is another issues we see very regularly. This will continue to be Google's secret weapon against poor SEO companies and business owners trying to do SEO for themselves. Removing over-optimisation is relatively simple, but establishing whether you have over optimised a webpage or not is the hard part.